Alternative Physical Education Credit Information

High school students may earn a Physical Education credit through sports participation or through a program of comparable physical activity. Students must meet the following guidelines to earn the PE credit.

Requirements to receive the Alternative Physical Education Credit:

Ø Student and parent must fill out the application form during the semester of the Sports Season and return to the Guidance Office PRIOR TO THE LAST DAY OF THE SEMESTER IN WHICH THE SPORT IS COMPLETED. Application forms are available in the Guidance Office.

Ø Student must participate in a consecutive eighty hour sports program. One eighty hour plus season will equal one physical education credit. This includes all IHSAA sports, Cheerleading, and Marching Band. (Participation as a Manager does not qualify.) Certified programs offered off-campus will be considered based on the standards of the Indiana Department of Education Physical Education description. Please contact the Guidance Counselor for more information.

Ø Student must complete the sports season and receive a passing grade based on the course rubric. If you would like a copy of the rubric, please see the Guidance Counselor.

Credit Availability:

Ø Students may receive up to four Alternative Physical Education credits.

Ø Alternative Physical Education credits must be requested no later than the fall semester of a student’s senior year.