John P. Stevens 

Co-Curricular Program

Academic Clubs

Academy of Science Mr. Jones

Battle of the Books Ms. Stein/Mrs. Persson 

Book Club (@JPS Reads) Ms. Stein/Ms. Lombardi

Chem Club       Ms. Tujague/Ms. Pittenger

CyberHawks (Computer Club) Ms. Quan

Girls Who Code Ms. Quan

Junior Jet Propulsion Lab Mr. McMullen

Model United Nations Mr. Zimbicki/ Dr. Vincze

National History Day Club Ms. Hurwitz

Odyssey of the Mind           Mr. Parekkadan

Physics Club/InvenTeam               Mr. Mayes/Mr. Patel/ Mr. Regalon 

Robotics Mr. Kearney

Science League/Bowl Mr. DiFilippo

Science Olympiad         Mrs. Gesualdo and Mrs. Gumino 

JPS Research Mr. Regalon

The Arts Clubs

Art Club Ms. Pellegrino

Choir Mr. Lee

French Alliance Ms. Reusch

Improv Theater   Ms. Troy

International Thespians Ms. Troy

Italian Club             Mrs. Barbiero

JPS Theatre Company Ms. Young

JPStudios Ms. Schrieks

NJ Junior Classical League Ms. Hasner

Poetry Performance Club Mr. Kuczynski

Community Service Clubs


Hydrophilics (Greenhouse) Mrs. Nee

Interact Ms. Kacani

JPawS                         Mrs. Hall-Eatman and Mrs. Yildiz

JPS – Nailed It!             Ms. Nartowicz

Key Club             Ms. Durso

Library Aides Ms. Stein

Project Sunshine Ms. Kacani

Seeds of Change (Greenhouse)   Ms. Holborow

More than an Athlete Mr. Weber

#GotYourBack Mrs. Hedges 

Honor Societies

National Honor Society             Ms. Vacca/Ms. Hasner

National Art Honor Society Ms. Paolello

National Chinese Honor Society Ms. Barry

National English Honor Society   Ms. Achiron/Mr. Carrillo

National French Honor Society Ms. Reusch

La Società Onoraria Italica             Mrs. Barbiero

National Latin Honor Society Ms. Hasner

National Science Honor Society Mr. DiFilippo and Mrs. Distefano

National Soc. Studies Honor Society Mr. Pierce

Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica Mr. Andino/ Mrs. Keefe

National Technical Honor Society          Mr. Kearney/Ms. May

Tri-M Music Honor Society Ms. McElroy and Ms. Ferrali

Math Honor Society Mr. Primavera/ Ms. Waring

Literary Publications

Newspaper (The Hawkeye)         Mrs. Leiu and Ms. Barbitta

Literary Magazine (INK!) Ms. Durso

JPS Weekly           Mr. Ray

Yearbook (Regalis)         Ms. Nixon/Ms. Prego

Leadership Clubs

FBLA (DECA) Mr. Reilly

FCCLA                  Ms. DeMattia/Ms. Dworzanski/ Mrs. Olenchak

H.A.W.K.S.                           Ms. Silberberg/Mr. Miller

Student Council TBD

Class of 2025             Ms. Cuesta/  Mr. J. Miller 

Class of 2026 Ms. Willett-Brown and Ms. Lombardi 

Class of 2027 TBD

Class of 2024     Mr. Weber/Ms. Ratti

Miscellaneous/Interest Clubs

Animanga Club Ms. Achiron

Architecture, Construction and Ms. May  

Engineering Mentor Program   

Astronomy Club               Ms. Liotti

Community Connections Committee Mr. Robinson

Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Mrs. Quan and Mr. Reid

Dance Ensemble Ms. Stein 


ESports Club Mr. Rubenstein

Fiber Arts Alliance Ms. Tujague

GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance) Ms. Guas

HOSA (Future Health Professionals)     Ms. Padhye/Ms. Sohan

Jazba Club Ms. Achiron

Jewish Student Union Ms. Jurgrau

Muslim Student Association                 Mr. Andreuzzi

Political Science Club TBD 

Ski/Snowboard Club

Board games and Indoor Games Mr. Kuczynski