Edison Public Schools

Transition Programs and Services

The Edison Public Schools’ Special Services Department is committed to provide students with disabilities the availability of a coordinated set of transition services; a comprehensive and broad continuum of daily experiences, activities, and programs across ages (spanning grades 6-12+), developmental and skill levels, and settings (school and community). It is our goal that students are provided individualized services so that they may attain essential life and workplace readiness skills.

After high school, some students move on to live independently, actively contribute to the local community, and attain competitive employment. Other individuals may transition from high school to a supervised workplace, such as a sheltered workshop and live in a supervised setting, such as a group home. Because each student is on a unique life path, Edison Township has developed a continuum of transitional programs to provide students with individualized instruction, training, support, and resources so that they may achieve their personal transition goals.

The district’s Workplace Readiness Program includes a wide selection of innovative transitional programs that incorporate functional work readiness competencies, as well as the core reading, writing, language, and math curriculum standards in order to prepare students for the opportunity to enter the workforce in competitive employment or continue appropriate training necessary leading to employment. Daily program instruction and supervision is delivered on the ground level by district special education teachers. It is supported by district paraprofessionals and related service providers such as our speech-language specialists.

Under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent for Pupil-Special Services as well as the supervision of the secondary Supervisor for Pupil-Special Services, the district transition specialist and SLE coordinator work together to maintain as well as continue to expand programs and services. Students are assessed using a variety of tools and data systems.

Each of the programs is unique, innovative and resourceful on its own; but together, as a coordinated, umbrella of services available to students across grades and schools, the Edison Workplace Readiness Program is a cut above the rest.

Our greatest measure of success has been the number of students who have been through any one or a combination of programs and have been gainfully employed in the surrounding community.

Contact Information:

Department for Pupil-Special Services

732/452-4900 ext. 4948

Assistant Superintendent for Pupil-Special Services

Dr. Thomas Toohey


Supervisors for Pupil-Special Services

Alison Hines


Dawn Netzel


Nancy Sica


Kate Gousman


Transition Specialist

Holly Clark


SLE Coordinators

Kelly Wahl