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Mr Kilgour


Welcome to our careers site and we hope you find it useful and easy to use.  At Derby Moor Spencer Academy we are proud of our school motto ‘’Together we succeed’’. This motto is underpinned by our four values: Achievement, Aspiration, Community and High Expectations. This is grounded in the belief that every student, regardless of background or personal circumstance can achieve and aspire to be the best they can be. Our vision for Careers and Employability provision is a key part of the overall vision of the school.

Derby Moor Spencer Academy has very positive careers provision and we are highly ambitious for all members of our school community. We will continually strive to build on our fully comprehensive and inclusive approach to careers and employability from Year 7 – 13.  Meeting the aspiration of the 8 Gatsby Career Benchmarks enables Derby Moor Spencer Academy students to be highly sort after young people. Central to our vision is the aspiration that our students are able to compete for employment in a global market whilst enjoying fulfilling and productive career paths and making a major contribution to their community.


Mr Kilgour (Careers Leader at Derby Moor Spencer Academy)


At Derby Moor Spencer Academy, we are committed to providing a planned programme of careers education, information and guidance for all our students which focuses on students developing their:

We are proud to hold the Platinum Award Career Mark as this recognises our commitment to all of our students’ futures.



Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is extremely useful in preparing students for the opportunities and challenges of adult and working life. CEIAG is seen as playing an important role in motivating our students to maximise their academic and personal achievement whilst at school.

CEIAG is taught across the school and we acknowledge that an effective CEIAG programme will increase the student's life chances and make it more likely that the individual student reaches their full potential. At key stage 3 students follow our 4Rs curriculum where they will have the opportunity to develop eight employability skills in every subject. The 4Rs are: Respect; Resilience; Responsibility and Resourceful and they include the eight employability skills identified by Skills Builder, widely accepted and understood as key skills for employment, namely: Listening; Speaking; Problem Solving; Staying Positive; Leadership; Aiming High; Creativity and Teamwork. Students are assessed on these skills and they are reported annually to parents.

Employability and the 4 Rs