CCI Academy

About The Academy AT CCI

The Academy at CCI is an all day DCSS high school program. Students enter The Academy at CCI their 9th grade year and may remain in the program up to high school graduation. Only students selected through the lottery system during their 8th grade year are eligible to attend the CCI Academy.

CCI Academy students take ALL of their classes including core (English, math science, social studies, and foreign language) and electives, at the CCI. If a student remains in the program through 12th grade they will take no classes at their assigned base high school.

Benefits of attending The Academy at CCI include:

  • Small class sizes

  • One to one technology

  • Easier access to career to Dual Enrollment core and technical programs

  • Additional Dual Enrollment support provided by the school.

LotterY Registration:

  • The CCI Academy lottery registration is open for two weeks in January each year

  • The Academy lottery is conducted in February each year

  • Notification of application status is sent home to each lottery applicant after the lottery is conducted

  • Students selected for admission through the lottery must respond within the designated admission window.

  • If an Academy space becomes available, it is offered to applicants in lottery order

2021-2022 Registration

2021-2022 Registration is closed. Letters regarding student's admission status have been sent home.

2022-2023 Registration

The 2022 Academy lottery registration will begin in January of 2022. Notification will be sent out to all DCSS 8th grade parents in late Fall of 2021 with details on how to apply.