CCI Academy FAqs

CCI Academy vs. CCI 

The CCI Academy is an all day Douglas County School’s program students enter in their 9th grade year. Only students who have been selected through the annual lottery system during their 8th grade year are eligible to attend CCI Academy.  CCI Academy students take ALL of their classes, including core (English, math, science, social studies, and foriegn language), at the CCI. If they remain in the program through their 12th grade year, they will not take any courses at their assigned base high school.  CCI Academy students are eligible to participate in CCI Dual Enrollment programs beginning their 10th grade year.  

The CCI is a collaboration between DCSS, West Georgia Technical College, and the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce that provides students the opportunity to complete college level career and technical training while still in high school. CCI programs are half day and all DCSS 10-12 grade high school students are eligible to participate. CCI students take their core area classes at their base high school for half the school day then are transported to the CCI for their chosen program for the other half of the school day. 

What are the benefits of my student attending the CCI Academy? 

Where will my child attend their classes? 

All CCI Academy courses are taught at the CCI. CCI Academy students will not participate in any courses at their base high school. 

Is my child able to participate in activities at their base high school if they enroll in the CCI Academy? 

Yes, CCI Academy students are still permitted to participate in sports, clubs, and other school activities at their assigned base high schools. 

Is transportation to and from the CCI Academy provided? 

Yes, transportation is available to all CCI Academy students. Students using DCSS transportation will ride a bus to their base high school from their assigned bus stop each morning. At the base high school, a bus to CCI will be provided.  At the conclusion of the school day, CCI Academy students will ride a bus from CCI to their assigned base high school. Students will arrive in time to catch a bus from their assigned base high school to their assigned bus stop. 

Alternatively, students can be dropped off and picked up at the CCI

Does the CCI Academy offer math support or reading instruction?

No, the CCI Academy does not offer support classes to students. All of the courses taught at the CCI Academy taught on the college prep level. If support classes have been recommended for a student, the CCI Academy may not be the right fit for them. 

Does the CCI Academy offer honors and AP classes?

No, the CCI Academy does not offer honors and AP classes. CCI Academy students who wish to participate in more rigorous coursework do so through Dual Enrollment classes and programs. 

When can my child start taking Dual Enrollment classes? 

All students in the 10th grade are eligible to enroll in Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) Dual Enrollment courses. This includes CCI programs. 

All students in grades 11-12 are eligible to enroll in any (CTAE and/or core) approved Dual Enrollment courses. 

However, there is a 30 credit hour (approx. 10 courses) Dual Enrollment funding cap for all students. For this reason, we do not recommend students begin taking Dual Enrollment courses until their 11th grade year. 

What Dual Enrollment programs are offered at the CCI? 

Dual Enrollment FAQs 

What is Dual Enrollment? 

Dual Enrollment (DE) is a Georgia funded program that allows high school students to take college courses that can simultaneously count toward high school and college requirements. 

What courses are available?

Approved courses include: 

Am I a good fit for Dual Enrollment?

When considering Dual Enrollment (DE), students and parents should understand the characteristics of students who are successful in college classes. Students who are considering the DE program need to be:

Dual Enrollment Eligibility 

What are the Dual Enrollment eligibility requirements? 

To be eligible for dual enrollment funding a student must: 

Funding Cap Eligibility 

What are the limits on the state-funded Dual Enrollment funding Program?

The Dual Enrollment Funding Cap is 30 semester or 45 quarter hours. This is a hard cap. The hours are based on hours paid by Dual Enrollment funding for terms of enrollment in the program. 

All first-time students effective Summer term 2020 and beyond are subject to the Dual Enrollment Funding Cap. 

Grade Level Eligibility

 Who is eligible to participate in the Dual Enrollment funding Program? 

9th Graders

11th & 12th Graders 

10th Graders 

What are the Pros and Cons of Dual Enrollment? 



• College courses come back to the high school as a letter grade and are transcribed by county policy.  For example:






Can a student retake or withdraw from a Dual Enrollment course? 

Is there consideration for extenuating circumstances with withdrawals or retaking a course? 

What options are available after a student reaches the state-funded Dual Enrollment Funding Cap of 30 semester or 45 quarter hours? 

CCI Program FAQs 

What high school programs does the CCI offer? 

The CCI offers Audio Video Technology and Marketing for high school credits only. These are three-semester programs. Students are eligible to participate in 9-12 grade. 

What Dual Enrollment programs does CCI offer? 

The CCI currently offers 11 different Dual Enrollment programs. The Dual Enrollment programs include:

How do I register for a CCI program? 

CCI program registration is now entirely online. Each step of the registration process can be found under the "Apply to CCI" tab on our website Click the "24-25 Program Registration" option to be taken to the program registration page. If you need help getting started on the CCI registration process, we would encourage you to attend an Apply to CCI Night. Apply to CCI nights will be held multiple times throughout the school year.  Apply to CCI Night dates and times can be found on the Apply to CCI homepage or at 

Students may also speak with their assigned counselor or career center specialist about the registration process. 

Who is eligible to participate in CCI Dual Enrollment programs?

Any DCSS 10-12 grade student who is on track for graduation and has 4 consecutive elective credits (8 at AHS) available is eligible to participate. However, due to the Dual Enrollment funding cap of 30 credit hours, we recommend students do not participate in CCI programs until their 11th or 12th-grade year. 

What are the CCI Dual Enrollment program admission requirements? 

To be admitted into a CCI program, students must meet the eligibility requirements (discussed above) and be accepted into their program’s postsecondary institution WGTC. To be accepted into WGTC for the 2024-2025 school year, students must have a HOPE GPA of 2.0 or higher after the completion of their 9th-grade year. 

Is there an age requirement for CCI programs?

Some of the programs do have age requirements. Those programs are Dental Assisting (17 by Oct. 1st), Nurse Aide (17 by Sept. 15 for first-semester students, 17 by Feb. 15 for second-semester students), and Pharmacy (16). NO exceptions will be made even if a student misses the deadline by just one day.

Where will I take my CCI program courses? 

All CCI program courses are taken at the CCI which is part of West Georgia Technical College’s Douglas campus at 4600 Timber Ridge Drive Douglasville, GA 30135 

When will I take my CCI program courses?

Most CCI programs are a full year. Students begin their program in the Fall semester and complete their program in the Spring or Summer semester. Programs are offered in the morning and the afternoon. The time of day a student participates in their program depends on the program they are enrolled in and their base high school schedule. CCI program students will attend courses at CCI for half of the school day and their base high school for the other half of the school day. 

Is transportation provided to and from my CCI program? 

Yes, students are able to ride a bus to and from their CCI programs from their base high school. Alternatively, students may drive themselves or be dropped off/picked up by a parent. 

Are there any costs associated with the CCI programs? 

Course textbooks are provided to CCI program students. However, the student will be responsible for program fees in some of the programs. Please refer to the program’s information sheet to see your chosen program's fees. Program information sheets can be found by clicking the program’s name on this program offering sheet. 

What college certificates will I earn in a CCI program? 

Students who complete their chosen CCI program earn one or two college-level certificates. Please refer to the program’s information sheet to see the certificates you will earn in your chosen program and the type of work it will prepare/qualify you for. Program information sheets can be found by visiting the program’s page on the Apply to CCI website or on this program offering sheet.

How many Dual Enrollment (DE) credits are CCI programs? 

The number of DE credits earned varies by program. Please refer to the program’s information sheet to see the number of DE credits earned in your chosen program. Program information sheets can be found by visiting the program’s page on the Apply to CCI website or  on this program offering sheet.

What is the Dual Enrollment (DE) funding cap? 

Students have a 30 semester (or 45 quarter) credit hour funding cap. After the funding cap is reached students will be financially responsible for all tuition and fees associated with the college-level courses they choose to participate in. Additionally, the college credits earned after the Dual Enrollment funding cap is reached will be counted as joint enrollment. 

HOPE Career Grant funds may be used to cover the cost of some CCI programs after the Dual Enrollment funding cap has been reached. Please discuss this option with your assigned counselor.