Admission Requirements

for CCI Dual Enrollment programs

**please see the Audio-Video or CCI Academy page for more information on admission into those programs**


Grade Level

A student must be in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade to participate in a CCI Dual Enrollment program

Students of ALL grade levels can participate in our Audio-Video Technology program


On track for Graduation

A student must be on track for high school graduation to participate in a CCI program.

If a student has failed any course that is a high school graduation requirement and has not made up the credit, they are not eligible to participate in a CCI program


Schedule Availablity

The student must have 4 (8 for AHS students) consecutive electives (2/4 each semester) available in their schedule.

**This may be difficult for students participating in art or magnet programs**


Meet The College's DE Admission Standards

2.0 HOPE GPA (3.0 for FinTech) OR

Qualifying testing scores ( PSAT, SAT, ACT, or Accuplacer)


Prepared for Academic Rigor

CCI students must be able to handle college level rigor

Indicators of preparedness:

  • Independent

  • Self-motivated

  • Ability and willingness to self-advocate

  • Time-management skills

  • Superior study habits

  • Good attendance



Some CCI programs have a minimum age requirement

Program age requirements are as follows:

FinTech- 11th and 12th graders ONLY

Dental Assisting- 17 by February 1st of participation year

Pharmacy Assisting- 16 by start of program

Nurse Aide-

  • 17 by October 1st for Fall semester

  • 17 by February 1st for Spring semester