Español con Señor Westlund

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Image courtesy of Señor Jordan (2018).

That wily por v para...

Ever wonder about when to use por or para in your writing and speaking? It certainly is one of the "nuances" del idioma español, and it takes non-native speakers many years to master! Here is a nice graphic of an acrostic and phrase mnemonic. At the top you can read the phrase, "PARA is PERFECT, POR is for everything else". I personally could think of a few better spellings for POR than "CLOFITGM", but anyways, make sure you take a look at this whenever you need a reminder about which is used for what! ;D OJO: there is one mistake in the POR column: the through/along/by example is wrong (shout out to Justin Culebro and his "eagle eye" for detail). Here's my example: "Nosotros caminamos por el bosque." (We walked through the forest.)