The DC Band Boosters offers families several different ways to raise money while doing everyday  shopping. The options outlined below do not require much additional effort on your part and they all provide great financial benefit to the band! 

Contact our Fundraising Coordinator with questions on any of the following fundraisers:

Any donations can be sent to: DCHS Band Boosters, PO Box 1204, Castle Rock, CO 80104

or just click to make an online donation.

Upcoming Fundraising Events:

DCMI 2024 - October 5, 2024

** Check out the DCMI page for more info **

Look below for options you can do today!

Have you connected your King Sooper’s loyalty card to the DCHS Band? 

Each purchase made  using your loyalty # is tracked by King Soopers  and they make a donation directly to the band.  All you have to do is click here and link your loyalty card. Just search for ‘Douglas County Band Boosters’ or enter organization # YE999. It is so  simple!!  

Share this information with your aunts, uncles,  grandparents, teachers, friends and neighbors.  We can have our community help out the DC Band without much effort at all. 

RaiseRight Program:

Sign up for RaiseRight:

1. Shop with RaiseRight

2. Click Get Started 

3. Click Join Existing Program

4. Enter enrollment code (18LFLBBC243L

    This code is associated with DCHS Band Boosters 

5. Fill in all required personal information 

6. Click “I Accept”

7. Choose two security questions from the list

8. Purchase gift cards!