Principal Welcome

Dear Loganville-Springfield Parents/Guardians,

On behalf of all the staff members, welcome to Loganville-Springfield Elementary School. It is my honor to serve as principal to this amazing community of students and their families. It is hard to believe that summer vacation is almost over, and the school year is about to begin. We are eager for our students to return to LSE for the 2023-2024 school year.

Ms. Rachel Jones is so excited to welcome families back to Loganville-Springfield as a 3rd year Assistant Principal! She is originally from the Harrisburg area and has been in elementary education for 9 years, 6 years as a 3rd grade teacher, and 3 as an assistant principal.  Ms. Jones received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education from California University of Pennsylvania.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and dog, Louie. 


As another school year begins, we would like to encourage you to become actively involved in your child’s education. We certainly realize that many of you lead busy lives. Taking a few minutes in the morning or evening to read to your child, talking with your child about their school day, or going through their backpack and helping them organize can have great benefits.


We are confident the 2023-2024 school year will be filled with opportunities for your child to learn and grow. The entire staff here at Loganville - Springfield Elementary School is a caring, hard-working, and fun-loving group of professionals committed to providing children with a high-quality education. Our foundation is set upon three schoolwide expectations: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe & Ready to Learn. These three expectations help to create a climate and culture of compassion and accountability.


Items on this site contain important pieces of information. Thank you for taking the time to review this site carefully. This is an exciting time of year, so enjoy the days to come and the thrill of beginning a new school year. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us here at Loganville-Springfield should you have a question or comment.



Kelly S. Kessler, Ed.D.     Rachel Jones

Principal     Assistant Principal

Dr. Kelly Kessler


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Ms. Rachel Jones

Assistant Principal

Meet the Teacher Night & Kindergarten Mini-Sessions

A SchoolMessenger email will be sent to parents/guardians containing a SignUp Genius link to register for Meet the Teacher Night and/or a Kindergarten Mini-Session.

LS K-3 Back to School Orientation Information
LS Kindergarten Back to School Orientation Information

Student Handbook

Our Student Handbook has gone electronic.  You can view all important information at any time throughout the school year.  Please make sure you read the handbook and complete the parent sign-off in Skyward.  

Car Rider Information

CLICK HERE to enroll in the LSE Car Rider Program.


Parents dropping off their children in the morning should not arrive before 8:20 AM. Plan on dropping off your child between 8:30 – 8:45 AM. Parents should approach the school by coming up the alley (from Loucks Road) and entering our lower parking lots. Cars should form a line to the upper (main) parking lot and approach the side of the building and continue up the length of the sidewalk. Parents should wait in the car line and should release their child(ren) when they come to a complete stop in the line. The entire stopped line of cars should have their children exit their vehicles, from the passenger side, to help move the car rider line along more quickly. PLEASE be patient and stay in line- do not pass other cars in line. Parents are to exit the campus by going back down the alley. There will be staff members standing at the side of the building to make sure these guidelines are followed, and the students walk safely into school. Students will enter through the K & 1 playground door. Please have your child stay in the car until staff members are present for duty. Please have your child sit on the passenger side in the second row during drop off.


Car rider tag MUST be placed on the passenger side sun visor 

We will begin our dismissal process at 3:25 PM. Any student who is a car rider will report to the car rider staging area at 3:25 PM. Parents who are picking up their children will be asked to pull up. Parents should wait in the car line and should not get out of their cars. Please pull along the entire length of the sidewalk to pick up your children. Please have your car rider number on your passenger-side visor. We begin our car rider pick-up process at 3:25 PM, however, if you wait to arrive until closer to 3:35 - 3:40 PM, you will avoid a lot of congestion!  Please stay in line and do not pass cars in front of you in line. If you need to pick up your child before dismissal, please call the office. 

Parents who are picking up their children at dismissal are NOT to use the front entrance of the school. Parents should approach the school by coming up the side alley (from Loucks Street) and entering our lower parking lot. Parents can then drive to the car rider staging area, pick up their child(ren), and return through the lower parking lot and down the side alley. This would mean that only buses will be using the front entrance at dismissal. While we can’t control all traffic using our main entrance at dismissal, we can avoid a lot of congestion by following this pattern. 

School Supplies

School supplies are not required at the elementary buildings.  Teachers will communicate with families if they have a specific request for their classroom.

Picture Day

Picture Day will be held on Wednesday, September 6, 2023.

Picture Retake Day will be Monday, October 16, 2023.

Information for picture packages and ordering information will be shared with families after the start of the school year.

Choose Love

Our school, along with the other K-3 buildings in the district, will be incorporating fun, engaging, Learning Through Play activities and a program called Choose Love for Schools which plays an important role in promoting students' social and emotional well-being, and academic and personal success. It also enhances our classroom and school climate, making it a place where students are safe, compassionate, connected, and able to thrive. 

The Choose Love for Schools Program is a comprehensive curriculum that supports, nurtures, and fosters the whole child. Students will learn skills and tools they will use throughout their lives, to be honest, trustworthy, caring and compassionate, self-disciplined, intellectually curious, fair, and respectful. 

Students learn how to thoughtfully respond by choosing love. The program’s foundation is a formula: Courage + Gratitude + Forgiveness + Compassion in Action = Choosing Love. We use courage daily to choose love over fear. Practicing gratitude helps us focus on what we have. Forgiveness is the key to healthy relationships and compassion in action helps us connect with and help others. 

We hope you will share in this journey with your children, asking questions about what they have learned and enjoying the benefits of the program as well. Please check out the Choose Love At Home Program for families and caregivers. You can learn alongside your children and incorporate these skills and tools to promote Social and Emotional Learning in your home, and even within yourself! www.chooselovemovement.org. 

Our first school-wide Learning Through Play/Choose Love Day will be on September 2. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the building principal for more information.

PTO Information

LS Site PTO Information

Summer Reading

Summer is here! This past school year, your child has progressed in both reading and writing! We would like to help them maintain this knowledge over the summer by offering a summer reading incentive! “LSE Readers Roar” is a fun way to motivate your child to practice reading and writing skills over the summer.

At the start of next school year, there will be a reward for any student who turns in this summer reading incentive sheet and a BONUS reward for anyone who completes the optional challenge on the back!

Kindergarten Summer Reading Form

Grade 1 Summer Reading Form 

Grade 2 Summer Reading Form

Summer Reading Bonus Form