Third Grade

In third grade, students learn that various cultures use art in celebrations, rituals, and festivals. They draw on sources from nature for their work. They begin to explore the possibilities of different materials, and focus on the elements and principles of design.

Third Grade Art Vocabulary

"I Can" Statements


I can tell the difference between geometric and organic shapes.

I can use warm and cool color families to create contrast.

I can blend two colors to show value change from light to dark.

I can indicate a light source using a cast shadow of darker values or colors.

I can use texture to show contrast.

I can use patterns to create movement.

I can create symmetry in my art.

I can create a simple human figure using approximate proportions.

I can use construction variations of: pinch/pull/ball/coil/pressed slab techniques to create a clay form.


I can recognize works of art from other cultures

I can make connections between art and culture


I can discuss the message communicated in works of art from different cultures

I can identify warm and cool colors

I can identify rhythm and movement in a work of art

I can identify symmetry in art

I can identify different media (materials) and tools for making two and three dimensional art


I can compare/contrast the themes in works of art in different cultures

I can discuss my art and the art of other cultures using art vocabulary

I can create an artist's statement


World Culture Aesthetics & Folk Art