Fifth Grade

In the fifth grade, students focus on the artwork of twentieth century artists. Special attention is placed on the emotional qualities of color and line in artwork. They are asked to use their art media in an expressive manner.

Fifth Grade Art Vocabulary

"I Can" Statements


I can use lines to embellish a surface

I can simplify/abstract an object by using shapes

I can choose color to express emotions in my art

I can use color/line to create an illusion of texture.

I can create spatial illusions.

I can create movement in a work of art

Clay: I can create a 3-dimensional form by choosing from a variety of construction and textural techniques

Mark-Making: I can use directional marks to define a surface texture

Mark-Making: I can use lines to embellish a surface


I can compare and contrast the characteristics of two, 20th Century works of art.

I can identify how art is used to inform or change beliefs of an individual or society.


I can identify complementary colors.

I can compare and contrast abstract art with realistic art.

I can identify organic vs man-made shapes.

I can identify examples of modern art (Op, Pop, Abstract Expressionism, etc).

I can compare my interpretation of a work of art to someone else's interpretation.


I can discuss my art and the art of others using art vocabulary.

I can communicate about my use of materials and tools to make my art through an artist's statement.

I can brainstorm and discuss why displaying works of art communicates its importance in public spaces


Modern and Contemporary Art