First Grade

In first grade, students are provided the opportunity to name and work with shapes, patterns, colors, and lines. Using a wide variety of media, they tell stories with their art. They become familiar with the works of a few notable artists.

First Grade Art Vocabulary

"I CAN" Statements


I can make a variety of lines.

I can overlap shapes to show depth

I can use the primary colors to mix the secondary colors

I can rub textures

I can use a horizon line to show where the sky and land appear to meet in space

I can use pattern and repetition in a work of art.

Clay: I can roll, pinch and pull to create a clay form

Fiber: I can weave paper

Mark-Making: I can use a cardboard block technique to create a print.

Mark-Making: I can overlap shapes to show depth


I can identify some responsibilities of people who visit and work in art museums or other art venues.

I can explain why some objects, artifacts and artworks are valued over others.

I can discuss my art using art vocabulary


I can identify uses of art in my environment. I can describe how works of art show the daily life of myself and others

I can identify objects and details that tell the story in a work of art

I can compare works of art that represent the same object in different ways

I can use art vocabulary to describe my choices while making art

I can identify different media (materials) and tools for making two and three dimensional art


I can use art to tell stories.


Intro to Subject Matter: Portraits, Landscapes, and Still Life