In Kindergarten, students draw, paint, cut, tear, and paste, fold, and sculpt. Through expressive activities, they become more aware of the environment; its colors, textures, lines, shapes, and spaces.

Kindergarten Art Vocabulary

"I Can" Statements


I can make lines.

I can use lines to make shapes.

I can make objects from drawn, torn or cut shapes

I can mix colors

I can identify textures

I can fill an empty space

I can make a pattern

Clay: I can roll, pinch to create a clay form.

Fiber: I can demonstrate a running stitch.

Mark-Making: I can print with found objects.


I can talk about art I see at school, home, public, museums, virtual, etc, its purpose or reason for being in that place

I can talk about the ideas and feelings in my art

I can discuss my art using art vocabulary


I can identify uses of art in my environment

I can identify the subject and list details in a work of art

I can explain how I am making art while creating

I can identify different media (materials) and tools for making two and three dimensional art


I can use my imagination as a resource for art making


Art in the Environment