creativity + student voice & choice + anytime anywhere learning

Vision Statement

Provide all learners across the district a 1:1 tool to increase engagement, promote student voice and choice, and ignite creativity in school, at home, and beyond.

After feedback from key stakeholders, a review of other 1:1 learning programs, and research on best practices, this vision statement was developed. Some of the resources reviewed include :

Classes are already using the iPad as the primary 1:1 learning tool. Here are some examples of what this looks like.

Alignment with Strategic Plan

The 62 Ignite Innovation initiative directly aligns with many values, goals, and strategies of the District 62 Strategic Plan.

Student voice and student engagement are two areas of focus for this initiative. A strategic plan subcommittee will also begin work during the 2019-2020 school year to develop some goals and outcomes on these concepts as well.

Strategic Plan

Goal Two: Provide personal support to each student to develop the skills and confidence to be self-sufficient learners.

Strategy One: Increase opportunities for student voice, engagement and responsibility in being an active participant in their learning.

Definitions of student voice, strategies for implementation, and tools for measurement will be shared between the 62 Ignite Innovation Team and the strategic plan subcommittee.

62 Strategic Plan Map

Plan Phases

The program will shift student's primary 1:1 device from a laptop to an iPad that can be taken home to extend learning beyond the classroom.

Phase 1


1:1 at least 2 grade levels teams ( 1- K-2 & 1- 3-5) per school

Phase 2


1:1 all K-5 students

Phase 3


1:1 at least 1 grade level team (6-8) per school

Phase 4


1:1 all K-8 students

Additional Program Information

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