Concurrent Enrollment in D51

what is Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent enrollment provides high school students with the opportunity to enroll in college coursework and earn both college and high school credit. Students can choose from several options based on what fits their Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP), and their daily schedule. Students can take college courses at their home high school, taught by their own teachers who are adjunct faculty at Colorado Mesa University (CMU). Students can also go directly to CMU to take college coursework in a program that matches their career path. D51 also provides transportation from a student's home high school to Western Colorado Community College (WCCC) to take advantage of the college-level Career & Technical Education (CTE) coursework, which prepares students with the training and industry certifications they need to enter the workforce with a high-demand, high-wage job.

College courses at your high school!

Through a partnership with CMU, students have the opportunity to take college coursework at their home high school. Courses are taught by our D51 teachers, and vary from school to school based on staff qualifications.

Courses on the college campus!

Early Scholars is a type of Concurrent enrollment where students participate in learning at Colorado Mesa University. High school students receive college credit for college level courses. Concurrent students build a foundation for the career of their choice while they are still in high school. CMU offers a variety of concurrent programs so students can choose a pathway that best suits their needs.

Courses at WCCC

The Technical Scholars program provides qualified students the opportunity to take college-level CTE courses through WCCC.

Through a partnership with Mesa County Valley School District 51, qualified high school juniors and seniors enroll in classes at WCCC and earn credit toward high school graduation while concurrently earning college credit toward a technical major.

ASCENT stands for Accelerating Students through Concurrent Enrollment. It is a “5th Year Program” that allows seniors to remain enrolled at the high school and take a fifth year consisting entirely of college classes, if they have met all of their high school graduation requirements and have taken 12 credit hours of college classes prior to the end of their senior year.

The Teacher Recruitment Education and Preparation (TREP) program creates the opportunity for qualified students interested in a teaching career to concurrently enroll in tuition-free college courses for the two years after their 12th grade year (textbooks and fees are the responsibility of the student).

More Information/Forms

**Specific program information, including steps to apply for programming, can be found on each program page above.

Requirements for Participation

To be eligible to participate in the concurrent program you must meet the following criteria:

  • Student must have a 2.0 or higher GPA at the time this document is due, and be on track for graduation.

  • Student must include Concurrent Enrollment (CE) as part of their ICAP (Concurrent Coursework Survey).

  • Student must have qualifying test scores prior to being registered in the class (check with your counselor, or for CMU courses, see chart below).

Financial Assistance Form for Books & Fees

Concurrent Enrollment Agreement Form for Students

Concurrent Enrollment Agreement Form for Parents

Cut Score Matrix for Concurrent Courses

21-22 Placement and Cut Score Matrix.updated.pdf

Concurrent Enrollment Appeal Form

CE Appeal Form.pdf

WHat else should I know about Concurrent Enrollment?

  • D51 will pay the course tuition. However, students are financially responsible for any fees, books and supplies associated with college courses. Please check course and college fees prior to participating, as some courses can have more costs associated with them. The typical fee for a concurrent course is $37/credit hour.

  • A student who earns a final grade of a “D” or an “F” or a “W” may not enroll in another concurrent course for one full year.

  • D51 students will be enrolled in college coursework where adult learners are also present.

  • All students in this program are subject to CMU guidelines for tuition, fees, attendance, course withdrawal, and other policies. CMU will contact students directly for confirmation of schedules and billing via their CMU email and their MavZone account.

  • Some courses have a digital book option. If you do not OPT OUT in your MavZone account, you will be charged for the cost of the digital book.

  • Concurrent students need to check their CMU email and MavZone account on a daily basis.