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Audio Video Design 1

Audio Video Design 1 is an introduction to moviemaking with digital video and audio technologies. The fundamental elements and techniques of filmmaking are explored from pre-production (planning and storyboarding) to production (cinematography, lighting, sound) to post production (editing, compositing, titles, audio, special effects). Students will use professional audio and video editing software (Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition) to produce video shorts from conception to completion including: an interview, a video from a given script/storyboard, adding sound to a silent film, using a green screen to film a video about me and my mini friend, a newscast, and a recreation of a movie or tv scene.

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Audio Video Design 2

Audio Video Design 2 will allow students to continue working with professional digital video and audio editing software and expand knowledge through advanced use of software and digital video effects. Topics and projects will focus on sound creation, green screen editing, picture in picture effects, multicamera filming/editing and 3D-like effects through complex digital video production software.

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Teacher Information

Mr. Ryan May

(847) 415-4186

Ms. Kelly Smith

(847) 415-4178