Advanced Architectural Design (AAD)

Teacher Information

Mrs. Kaitlin Rossi


Office: 1410

Primary Classroom: 3006 (Link Lab)


  • Bachelor's in Architectural Studies from University of Illinois in 2013.
  • Master's in STEM Education & Leadership from Illinois State University in 2015.
  • Master's in Educational Technology & Leadership from Concordia University Chicago expected graduation in 2019.

About AAD

Advanced Architectural Design is recommended for students interested in pursuing a career in architecture and/or interior design. Advanced Architectural Design is designed to prepare students for the wide variety of technical and computer software skills needed for higher education courses and within the workforce. Students will use architectural software and technology that is used by professional architects including: Autodesk Revit, Autodesk AutoCAD, SketchUp, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, and a Laser Printer. Students will use this software to aid them in designing residential and commercial buildings and to create physical laser cut models of their designs. In addition, students learn about documenting their project, solving problems, and communicating their solutions to their peers and members of the professional community of architecture.

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Project 1: Lake House Community Design

Project 1 Goals:

  • Be able to identify a location based on its legal proeprty description
  • Develop advanced rendering skills using Autodesk Revit & Adobe Photoshop software
  • Use Autodesk AutoCAD software to create laser cut file to make physical wood model

Project 2: Tiny Home Design

Project 2 Goals:

  • Learn how to use Sketchup software to develop tiny home
  • Use Adobe Illustrator software to make professional floor plan(s) and cross section of tiny home

Project 3: Chicago Hotel Design

Project 3 Goals:

  • Develop Revit skills while develop mid-rise hotel structure. Option to focus on exterior or interior design for Chicago hotel

Final Portfolio

Portfolio Goals:

  • After each project in this course, students will use Adobe InDesign software to create a professional portfolio they can use for college applications and job interviews.

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