Teacher Info

Technology Education Instructors

Mike Anderson

Courses: PLTW Engineering Design and Development and Game Development

Email: manderson@d125.org

Phone: 847.415.4161

Alex Mak

Courses: PLTW Intro to Engineering Design and PLTW Principles of Engineering

Email: amak@d125.org

Phone: 847.415.4181

Ryan May

Courses: PLTW Principles of Engineering and Audio Video Design

Email: rmay@d125.org

Phone: 847.415.4186

Frank Radostits

Courses: PLTW Digital Electronics, PLTW Engineering Design & Development, Web Development

Email: fradostits@d125.org

Phone: 847.415.4162

Kaitlin Rossi

Courses: Architectural Design, PLTW Civil Architecture and Engineering, and Advanced Architectural Design

Email: krossi@d125.org

Phone: 847.415.4180

Matthew Schwenk

Courses: Introduction to Engineering Design and Architectural Design

Email: mschwenk@d125.org

Phone: 847.415.4188

Kelly Smith

Courses: Print Media, Audio/Video Design, and Media Arts Design and Development

Email: ksmith@d125.org

Phone: 847.415.4178