Bacteria Detection Test

5/20/19- After multiple discrepancies with the testing, the science team has decided to test the bags again. The results of the first test are going up soon as it was concluded today.

We conducted a third test involving bacteria, this time on grocery bags. But there are clear differences and additions to this test:

  1. Tested material was swabbed, not placed in the dish
  2. The Test was conducted to test for the presence of bacteria on a fabric, not how well it repels fabric
  3. Tested material was a normally used grocery bag, it was not exposed to our own bacteria concoction
  4. The Test has 2 controls to confirm lack of bacteria presence is not due to an unknown variable

The incubation process did not change. Agar and heat lamps were used.

Below are the results of the test with before and after pictures.

Bacteria Detection Test