Conversation Art Cards


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All You Need is Love

Woman Taken in Adultery - French


Summer - Austrian

End of Life

Sorrowing Old Man - Dutch

Fake It Till You Make It

The Water Carrier of Seville - Spanish

Generosity vs. Greed

Generosity versus Greed - Spanish

A Good Name

Surcoat - Japanese

Happy Hour

Youth Kneeling and Holding Out a Wine Cup - Persian

Haters Gonna Hate

The Three Races or Equality before the Law - Peruvian

Hero Story

Mosaic of Christ - Italian

Honor Your Parents

My Parents After 40 Years of Marriage - Hungarian

Let Yourself Be Seen

Orphan Girl at the Cemetery - French

Managing Time

Part of the Qingming Scroll - Chinese

Music: the Universal Language

The Guitar Player - Brazilian

A New Beginning

Sphinx of Hatshepsut - Egyptian


A Lady Playing the Tanpura - Indian


St. Paul in Prison - Dutch

The Rhythm of Life

The Young Amphibians - Spanish

Satisfying Friendships

The Banjo Lesson - American

Significance: Where Does it Come From?

Page from Illuminated Gospel - Ethiopian

A Single Story

Willow Tree - South African


The Scream - Norwegian


Still Life with Bouquet and Skull - Flemish

We Love Beauty

Portrait of a Young Man - Italian

What Do We Adore?

Relief Sculpture - Russian