The Creighton Academy

Education Reimagined

A Public School Education Never Before Seen in Arizona

The Instructional Design for The Creighton Academy will serve students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade and include Open Design Learning Environments, Constructivist Education, Project Based Learning, Experiential Learning, Dual Language Instruction and Multi-Age Instruction.

Now Enrolling K-5, Space is limited

Open Design Learning Spaces

Open floor plan allows for organic, holistic connections amongst multiple content areas and affords students exposure to authentic, real world learning opportunities.

Dual-Language Instruction Model

Partial immersion model in Spanish and English starting in Science and Social Studies

Multi-age Education for K-5 Students

Refers to a group of learners that serves two or more grade levels of students, that have been intentionally blended together to improve learning

Project-Based Approach to Learning

A dynamic approach in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire both deep knowledge and expertise, where student voice is key and they take responsibility for their learning and develop solutions for complex problems.