The Creighton Academy

Education Reimagined

A Public School Education Never Before Seen in Arizona

The Creighton Academy is unique.

Vision: We are trailblazers who create leaders that take an active, responsible role in society.

Mission: We do this with a constant and continuous process of co-construction to create a multiage, dual language, project based, open learning environment where students learn to take ownership of their learning and advocate for a brighter future.

Now Enrolling K-5, Space is limited

Open Design Learning Spaces

The open floor plan allows for organic, holistic connections amongst multiple content areas and affords students exposure to authentic, real world learning opportunities.

Dual-Language Instruction Model

Our Spanish immersion model ensures that students are learning to listen, read, and write in Spanish and English.

Multi-age Education for K-5 Students

Our students are intentionally blended together to social emotional and academic learning experiences,

Project-Based Approach to Learning

We use a dynamic approach in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire both deep knowledge and expertise, where student voice is key and they take responsibility for their learning and develop solutions for complex problems.

As we begin our 2nd year, we are delighted to share the many wonderful things about The Creighton Academy and to orient you to our policies, procedures, resources, and events. Please review carefully the information included in this handbook. It is intended to acquaint you with the policies and procedures of the school. We do our best to remain in close communication with our families in a number of different ways. Ms. Cartier uses text messaging and email to send our biweekly Creighton Academy Articles and to communicate important information. Please make sure that we have your most updated contact information. We have an open door policy, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.