Gifted Education

Sixth and seventh grade middle school CGAT students will be focusing on architecture. Students will be learning about the major elements of architecture and will be designing and constructing both buildings and bridges.

Eighth Grade CGAT

As we continue to refine our gifted programming at BPA, this year we are offering an Honors/Accelerated style ELA class for 8th grade students, to ensure they are continuing to receive their ELA instruction and meet their gifted needs. We are also capitalizing on the high school background and experience Mr. Beltran brings to the gifted program at Biltmore Prep in helping to prepare our 8th grade students for high school.

We have been analyzing the ELA AZMerit and pretest data of the students, identify the 8th grade standards still in need of support and looking ahead at the 9th grade standards to drive lesson design. Students will be engaged in some literature studies as well as using the 9th grade Study Sync (our adopted ELA curriculum) as foundations for learning the standards. In third quarter, students will be reading Cry, the Beloved Country and engaging in discussions and learning of the standards using the literature.