Sixth Grade

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Maestra Perrone: Spanish Language Arts & Social Studies

SLA: Students have finished the first book in book club! (thanks PTO!) We are working on the study guide in class this week and it was due Thursday, September 20th.

Students will choose their new book. Please support your child with high expectations for reading and completing weekly homework.

Ms. Nolan: Social Studies (English)

Students have begun the unit of Ancient Mesopotamia. They will read a portion of the Epic of Gilgamesh and create a plot summary as well as an alternate ending. We will also spend time discussing the Code of Hammurabi, and how it still plays a role in our society today.

Students should be working nightly to complete their Ancient Mesopotamia study guide, which will be due on the day of our unit test.

Mrs Vasta: English Language Arts

This upcoming week students will be reviewing how to write a multi paragraph essay by constructing a narrative. The prompt they will be following is:

Your plane has crashed and the pilot has passed (sound familiar?). You are now alone on a deserted island. Write a multi paragraph narrative of your experience on the deserted Island and include the following:

  • How and Why your plane crashed
  • Your initial reactions and actions to being on the Island
  • How you found/build shelter
  • How you found food and water
  • What dangers you encountered and how you overcame them
  • How you got off the Island

Also 6th graders received book order forms this past week. All orders are due Friday September 28th. Book order purchases are extremely helpful to our classroom! Every order submitted gives our class points with which we can purchase new and exciting books for book clubs & independent reading.

Our goal this month is to get $200 dollars in book orders. This would give out class 5,000 points to use along with a $25 credit to spend on new books and literature sets. To purchase books, please send an envelope with a list of books being purchased and cash ( please do not send checks).

If you would like to order books online please use my class code. Thank you!


Mrs Quezada: English Language Arts

Hello Biltmore Families!

We have been discussing how to break apart a Think Question in Study Sync using the Do-What-How strategy. Your child should be able to speak to this, as well as explain what textual evidence is.

Some students have requested typing their reading summary sheets instead of handwriting them. This is fine with me, as long as they print a copy and submit it to me rather than sharing a digital copy. I also have been emphasizing to my students that with fifteen minutes of work time in homeroom and ten minutes of reading time in each ELA class, they should be able to get their reading homework done at school. If your student is struggling with this, please reach out to me, and I will happily have a conference with your child. I also want you to know that as a parent myself, I believe self-care should come first. I would much rather have your student turn in incomplete work and get eight hours of rest than stay up late, be extra tired at school the next day, and submit sub-par work.

Ms. Nolan & Ms. Turner: Accelerated Math

Students use ratios to determine whether or not two figures are similar. They find ratios of two lengths within each figure, and then compare those ratios.

Students learn that they need information about angle measures when testing nonrectangular shapes, such as triangles, for similarity.

Also, students use ratios and scale factors to find missing side lengths of similar figures. In this Investigation, students extend their use of ratios by expressing ratios as fractions.

Lastly, students apply their knowledge of similarity to real ­world problems. They use the shadow method to find heights of tall objects.

Mr. Ramos: Science

Students have just finished learning about the scientific method and how to construct a valid experiment.

They are also studying E Cells using the microscopes.