Sixth Grade

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Maestra Perrone: Spanish Language Arts & Social Studies

Spanish Language Arts: Students are learning about PAST tense verbs. Please encourage your child to practice on Google Classroom. We are working on our fourth book club book. Study guides will be due 2 weeks after break. PLEASE encourage your child to read in Spanish at least 1/2 hour every day.

Weekly homework is due every Friday and can be turned in on paper or uploaded to Google Classroom.

Social Studies: We are studying ancient India. Students should be finishing Cornell notes and completing their study guide nightly to practice and study. The study guide is in both languages to help with any vocabulary or misunderstandings with the material. Please ask your child questions about what they are studying! Please encourage your child to watch world news in SPANISH nightly.

Ms. Nolan: Social Studies (English)

After we return from Winter Break, students will continue studying Ancient India. Students will start by learning about the origins of Buddhism and follow the life sequence of Buddha. During this section, students will participate in a Syntax Surgery focusing on the use of Context Clues.

The next section in the book covers information about the Mauyran Empire and Gupta Empire. Students will learn about the rise and fall of these empires as well as the leaders involved at the time. Please make sure your child is working diligently on their Study Guide at home. Only about 5 minutes per night needs to be spent on the Study Guide to have it completed. It also provides a chance to study the material throughout the unit. The Study Guide will be due on the day of the unit test.

Mrs Vasta: English Language Arts

ELA students have reading homework every night that they have assigned themselves through discussing with their groups. Additionally, they need to have 8 discussion questions written by the time they have their book club discussions. They should be using sentence stems like:

  • What do you think about...
  • What is your opinion on...
  • How would you feel...
  • Could you relate...
  • I wonder...

Mrs Quezada: English Language Arts

Students have been studying The Lightning Thief. We are practicing going back to the text to find evidence for our thinking. Students need to become accustomed to highlighting or underlining in their text in order to be prepared for high school. We are also working on being specific with our textual evidence. For example, rather than saying "In the text, it says...," we would say "In paragraph 6, it says..." We will also begin our quarterly writing assignment soon.

Ms. Nolan & Ms. Turner: Accelerated Math

The next unit in your child's math class this year is Variable and Patterns: Introducing Algebra. Students are introduced to algebraic concepts as they explore situations that change, such as the number of miles covered over several hours of a bicycle trip and how the profit earned in running a bicycle company is related to changes in income or expenses.

This unit has two main goals:

  1. Identify variables and relationships in problem situations and describe patterns of change in words, data tables, graphs, and equations.
  2. Use data tables, graphs, and equations to solve problems.
  • You can help with homework and encourage sound mathematical habits during this unit by asking questions such as:
    • What are variables in the problem?
    • What variable depend on others, or change in relation to others?
    • How can the relationships of the problem be described in words?
    • How can the relationships between variables be represented and analyzed with tables, graphs, and equations?

Mr. Ramos: Science

Sixth graders are going to be learning about human biology, the organization of the different tissues, organs and systems.