Sixth Grade

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Maestra Perrone: Spanish Humanities

Students are learning about Ancient China.

  • We completed Section 3 and started Section 4 this week so they should have the study guide completed for those 4 sections.
  • Please ask them about dynasties!
  • Students will be working on a comparative essay of 2 dynasties or an informative essay on the Great Wall of China due by the end of the month!
  • We are still reviewing past tense in grammar and are learning about reflexive verbs.
  • Students should be reading at least 30 minutes daily in Spanish and watching news from Spanish speaking countries daily.
    • It is challenging when we have book club and some students have not read the book. I do not assign much homework so that students have time to READ and listen to Spanish DAILY. Please support your child in Spanish immersion - watch a movie in Spanish this weekend! :)

Ms. Nolan: English Humanities

Students are continuing their study of Ancient China.

  • They will soon be writing an essay either comparing and contrasting two Ancient Chinese dynasties, or writing an explanatory essay about the Great Wall of China.
  • Students should be working to complete their study guide each night, as well as spending a few minutes each night studying to prepare for the upcoming test.

Ms. Nolan: English Language Arts

Students have begun to read and study an excerpt from The Red Scarf Girl. Students will use this text while studying Informational Text Elements and Connotation and Denotation.

Mr. Cook: English Language Arts

We will be reading, comparing, and contrasting the lives of children and families in Japanese internment camps during WW II versus life in the South as an African American, as well as families living in the Dust Bowl.

Ms. Nolan: General Math

Students have just learned about the concepts of exponents and the order of operations. Next, students will be learning about expanding, factoring, and distributing expressions.

Remember to be practicing multiplication facts for improved fluency and efficiency!

Ms. Turner: Accelerated Math

  • Students are nearing the end of their expressions and equations unit. They have been working through creating equations and inequalitiies from real world problems.
  • Students will be assessing on this unit in early February and then we will move into our geometry unit. Within that unit they will be covering nets and surface area of cubes and rectangular prisms.

Mr. Hunsaker: Science

  • 6th graders have been busy preparing and presenting their projects on the systems of the human body. Thank you for assisting your students with materials and support!
  • Over the next week or so we will finalize our work on the human body and then begin a study of the Earth, with specific emphasis on the atmosphere and hydrosphere.
  • As an ancillary support for both science content and language arts, students are expected to complete a weekly assignment concerning a teacher-selected article from the Newsela website. These assignments are due each Friday and have related comprehension and vocabulary components. They can be viewed on your student’s Google Classroom site.