Eighth Grade

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Eighth Grade Promotion is scheduled for: Thursday, May 24th at 9:00am in the cafeteria

Maestra Perrone: Spanish Humanities

  • We have received half of the AAPPL test scores (listening and reading) Our kids did extremely well as a whole! I am so proud of them!
  • Please continue to encourage your child to read and listen in Spanish DAILY!
  • 8th graders are learning about the Great Depression.
  • Thank you SO much for all of your support!

Mr. Cook: English Language Arts

  • Eighth grade continues to learn about the Civil War era. Texts include the speech, A House Divided, by Abraham Lincoln; Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas; An American Slave; and the novel, Across Five Aprils, by Irene Hunt. Across Five Aprils explores the conflicts of a family torn by opposing loyalties and illustrating the two distinct points of view during the Civil War.

Mr. Cook: English Humanities

  • Students are finishing up their book clubs and preparing final reflections.
  • Students are self-evaluating their contributions to the group and overall discussion. New vocabulary will be introduced and dissected for the connotative meanings in context. Daily collegial discussions around given questions give each group member the opportunity to share an opinion, agree or disagree with opinions and to engage in scholarly discussions.
  • Students in social studies are studying the events and changes that occurred in the Modern Times in the years from 1965 to the 1990's.
  • Students have been working on identifying functions. They have been learned how to read tables and graphs to identify whether a function is shown or not.
  • Students have also been working on solving functions.
  • Eighth graders are working at their own pace through this unit, by completing assigned lessons through Khan Academy. These videos and practice problems can also be worked on outside of class to deepen their understanding.

Mr. Hunsaker: Science

      • Thank you for supporting you students with their Science Fair projects. They did amazing job!


  • Students are teaching their SHIELD lessons to first and third grade classes.