Eighth Grade

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Mrs Vasta: English Language Arts

We will be starting the third reading in Study Sync next week. We also will be working more on accountable talk and having in-depth discussions about the text we are reading.

Please have a conversation with your student about accountable talk and ask them what they know about it and how discussions have been going in the classroom.

Mrs Quezada: English & Spanish Language Arts

ELA: This week, we have officially started our Study Sync program. The students have been learning how to navigate through Study Sync, utilize Google Classroom for Exit Tickets (a check-for-understanding assignment worth points), and organize their Cornell notes for vocabulary. We have also been reviewing context clues strategies.

Ask your student what SAGE means; he/she should be able to tell you after this week’s class :) Students should be bringing earbuds to class for instructional purposes. Additionally, computers need to stay at school and should not be traveling home. Thank you for your understanding and support with this!

SLA: The students have been organizing their first book club groups. Students have created contracts that describe how they will divide up the workload, and when they will read the chapters. Each student is responsible for making comprehension and discussion questions for their group.

I will be visiting with each group throughout the week to ensure that students are following discussion expectations. All details can be found in Google Classroom. Once students finish the book, we will have time in class to create a culminating project.

Maestra Perrone: Social Studies (Spanish)

We are finishing our unit on the Progressive Period next week. TEST by end of the week. Students completed first essay this week. Although they have time to take notes in class – if they do not complete them they may use study guide to do so at home. Please encourage your child to READ nightly in Spanish, watch news & other TV in Spanish, and listen to Spanish weekly.

ALL MS Spanish students: Please look for goal sheet coming home next week or next. Students will assess where they are in Spanish development and create goals for this year. Please discuss this with your child, sign and return.

Mrs Vasta: Social Studies (English)

Students have just finished their unit on the Progressive era. They are currently working on an informative essay surrounding an impactful person from that era i.e. Labor leader, inventor, reformer, journalist etc. This paper is due next Friday, 9/14, and they will be completing it in class.

Ms. Turner: Algebra

Unit 1: Relationships between Quantities and reasoning with equations and their graphs

Students explore the main functions that they will work with in Algebra 1: linear, quadratic and exponentials. The goal is to introduce students to these functions by having them make graphs of a situation in which these functions naturally arise. As they graph, they reason quantitatively and use units to solve problems related to the graphs they create.

Ms. Turner: General Math

Unit 1: Linear and Inverse Variation

Students will review, extend their understanding of, and improve their skills in working with linear functions and equations. This Unit also introduces concepts associated with nonlinear functions.

Algebraic functions that represent patterns in experimental data are called mathematical models. Students will use these functions to estimate answers to questions about relationships in the data.

This unit also introduces inverse variation. Students work with inverse variations in several real-world contexts. The Unit also develops student understanding of associations between variables using basic ideas of correlation and two-way tables.

  • The five Problems in this Investigation review and extend student understanding and skill in formulating and applying appropriate linear functions when given problem conditions and/or experimental data. The first Problem develops ideas for modeling linear data patterns, including use of residual analysis to measure the accuracy of a linear model. The next two Problems develop the concept of slope and then review techniques for writing linear expressions that match problem conditions, data tables, and graphs. The fourth and fifth Problems review and extend student understanding and skill in solving linear equations and inequalities by tabular, graphic, and symbolic methods

You can help with homework and encourage sound mathematical habits as your child studies this Unit by asking questions such as:

  • What are the key variables in this situation?
  • What is the pattern relating these variables? Is it linear?
  • What kind of equation will express the relationship among the variables?
  • How can you use this equation to answer questions about the relationship?
  • How can you decide if two categorical or numerical variables are associated?

Mr. Ramos: Science

Students will be researching a famous scientist and writing a report on the significant contribution to humanity from their favorite scientist.

They also will be working on the metric system, measuring and making conversions. After that we will discuss lab safety rules and go into the study of the inquiry process.