Seventh Grade

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Maestra Perrone: Spanish Humanities

All students just finished a unit on Reconstruction after the Civil War.

  • 7th graders will be studying the Second Industrial Revolution.
  • All students are working on a project of their choice – DUE toward the end of the month.

The expectation is that all students READ at least half an hour nightly in Spanish. It is challenging when I give them time in class to work in their groups on the study guide and some students have not read the book. Study guides are due February 23rd!

Please support your child by watching news in Spanish daily.

Mr. Cook: English Language Arts

  • 7th graders in ELA are continuing to learn about Cesar Chavez. They will explore how special people can become potential everyday heroes and people who are willing to risk their lives standing up for others. Students are reading about past heroes and making comparisons.

Mr. Cook: English Humanities

  • Students will be studying about inventions, big business, and labor movements during the second industrial revolution of the late 1800's.
  • Students will also continue reading, discussing, and writing about Harriet Tubman.

Ms. Nolan: General Math

  • Students have been reviewing the conversion between fraction, decimals, and percentages.
  • I have encouraged them work on this at home, so that they memorize common conversions (ex. 1/2 = .5 = 50%....2/3, 1/4, 2/5, etc.).
  • Students will begin answering questions from real-life situations and using percentages to discover solutions.

Ms. Turner: Accelerated Math

  • Students have continued to work through problems in the expression and equation unit.
  • Students have been identifying linear and nonlinear expressions as well as writing and solving linear equations.
  • Students have discovered within their math groups when linear equations have one unique solution, infinite solutions or no solution.
  • Over the next few weeks we will move into working with linear equations with two variables, graphing those equations and determining the slope of a line.

Mr. Hunsaker: Science

  • 7th graders should be busy preparing for Final Quizzies covering Earthquakes and Volcanoes, which will take place on Thursday, February 22nd.
  • We will round out our study of Earth with a mini-unit on Fossils before embarking on (actually, continuing, due to our recent field trip to ASU and the eclipses this year) an exciting Space unit.
  • We have covered several dozen vocabulary words in the Earth unit so that is a great way to study.
  • As an ancillary support for both science content and language arts, students are expected to complete a weekly assignment concerning a teacher-selected article from the Newsela website. These assignments are due each Friday and have related comprehension and vocabulary components. They can be viewed on your student’s Google Classroom site.

Pride Hour

  • Students continue to work on their organizational skills and have a mini-SHIELD lesson each week for a specific area of focus.
  • This time is also used as an extension of math study.