Seventh Grade

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Maestra Perrone: Spanish Language Arts & Social Studies

Welcome back! It has been a fun week welcoming students back and hearing all of their adventures from this summer.

SLA: In Spanish Language Arts we will be READING a lot more this year to expand vocabulary. Students will have written homework due every Friday (on paper or Google classroom). We will complete the majority of essays in class – if a student does not complete class work, they may finish for homework.

Social Studies: We are studying American History this year. We start with causes of the Revolutionary War. Students will complete most work in class. If class work is not complete, they may finish for homework.

Mrs Vasta: English Language Arts

Mrs Quezada: English Language Arts

Greetings BPA Families! I have so very much enjoyed getting to know your children this week. They are quite bright and unique individuals! We have been busy practicing new routines and procedures, and most importantly, building our classroom community. This week’s learning focus was on nouns and adjectives. To support our school’s Thinking Maps initiative, students have been practicing brainstorming using a Circle Map and describing nouns with a Bubble Map. To reinforce this at home, have your child brainstorm what to do for the weekend or what food to buy from the grocery store using a Circle Map. Anything culinary-related is a fantastic opportunity to practice using adjectives; your child can also use a Bubble Map to share how their dining experience connects to the five senses. Even engaging in dialogue about what adjectives they could use to describe a certain experience over the weekend can help reinforce the awareness of using adjectives in our daily language.

Although no formal homework assignment is assigned over the weekend, I shared with the students that I still expect them to read. I also expressed that if their book is a book they enjoy, this won’t feel like a chore, and if they have the right book, it really shouldn't. Please talk to your student about what they are reading; if they aren’t interested, encourage them to find a different book. We will be focusing on this next week during our book conferences. I hope to meet you on Curriculum Night next Thursday!

Mrs Vasta: Social Studies (English)

Ms. Nolan General Math

Ms. Turner: Accelerated Math

Mr. Ramos: Science