Welcome to the Lane Tech Band Department!

Band Directors:

Mr. Reed Flygt (aflygt@cps.edu)

Mr. Sam Veren (sveren@cps.edu)


Welcome to Lane Tech! We look forward to meeting you all! Please reach out to both directors if you have previous experience and are interested in joining band! You can reach us at aflygt@cps.edu and sveren@cps.edu.

Audition Guidelines If you have previous experience with a band instrument, please submit a video audition through a parent’s email address. Videos should be labeled with the student’s full name (First and Last), they should be continuous (not broken up into several videos), and should contain the following:

1. A solo piece/band piece of your choice that demonstrates your playing ability

2. Play up and down two scales of your choice (two-octaves if possible)

3. A one-octave chromatic scale (if possible)

*Videos should be emailed to both aflygt@cps.edu (Mr. Flygt) and sveren@cps.edu (Mr. Veren)

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!


If you have no previous experience on an instrument, there is still a place for you in band! We offer a Beginning Band Honors course that will teach you how to play an instrument and read music. Visit the "Joining Band" tab to learn more.

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Our philosophy

At the heart of the Lane Tech Band Program is a focus on building core musicianship skills including improvisation, sight reading, performing, singing, drumming, dancing, and composing. We believe a great ensemble starts with a holistic approach toward each individual students' musical development. We work hard to foster a positive, warm, and familial atmosphere that welcomes all students and encourages them to care for one another's successes as well as their own. We seek to grow as musicians and individuals.