Upper Elementary

Ages 9-12, Fourth - Sixth Grade

We are a Montessori school which means that we place great importance on the often contradictory ideas of freedom, choice, discipline and responsibility. For the 9 to 12 year old child, there is a balance of these ideas as the child demonstrates self-discipline, accountability and responsibility.

For a child to gain benefits from the Montessori classroom, s/he must be engaged in productive work. The Montessori environment is prepared and structured to provide a stimulating, safe, and nurturing environment. In addition to the academic experience, the unique environment allows children to learn important life skills such as time management, self-regulation, and responsible choice. In the Montessori classroom every learning style is embraced. This is why there are many presentations on the same concept. This, in turn, gives every child an opportunity to grasp the key lessons addressing his or her learning style.