Middle School

Ages 12-14, seventh & Eighth Grade

“This world, marvelous in its power, needs a ‘new man.’ It is therefore the life of man and his values that must be considered. If ‘the formation of man’ becomes the basis of education, then the coordination of all schools from infancy to maturity, from nursery to university, arises as a first necessity.” -Maria Montessori

Drummond’s Middle School encompasses all the academic subjects needed for our students to become well rounded, active members in society and to successfully transition into their high school careers and beyond. When students leave our school as rising ninth graders they are prepared for both the academic challenges that lie ahead and the many challenges that the outside world will present to them.

Montessori placed Middle School students on the third plane of development. They are developing an identity of themselves outside of their family and immediate friends. It is a time of dissonance as they seek a place in the world. Your adolescent student will continue to build upon their sense of justice and fairness and will be drawn to work on causes with high ideals. Adolescent development hinges upon being given freedoms with responsibility and respect.

Our teachers will act both as expert instructors in their fields of expertise but also as guides for our students. They will help all the students to seek out challenges and tasks which spark their curiosity and ignite a passion for learning. Drummond’s staff will facilitate those projects students select which require actions and planning in the outside world.

Projects are chosen by the students because they believe they can make a positive difference in the world. We strive to connect our students with nature in order to help them develop a sense of responsibility and stewardship towards natural resources.

The Montessori Middle School remains a multi-age setting for our students. A pillar of the Montessori philosophy multi-age classrooms encourage collaborative learning and facilitate students working at their own levels. Multi-age classrooms also allow for groups to be exceedingly flexible. Groupings differ depending upon student interest, subject matter, and/or student need. The stability offered within our multi-age classrooms helps children develop a strong sense of community and supports social development.

Drummond’s Montessori Middle School curriculum is departmentalized, offering a bridge to the high school world. We have a strong humanities focus with four theme based units taught each year on a two year rotation. Themes focus on Social Justice and Conflict. Great literature is used to teach historical events as well as cultural literacy. Language arts lessons and writing assignments grow out of these historical and political explorations. The United States and Illinois Constitution are studied every other year. This focus on American History and government coincides with the Middle School trip to Washington, D.C.

Rigorous programs for math and science are included in the daily schedule of academic instruction. The Common Core Standards guide lesson planning and teachers assess student mastery through projects, papers, tests, and quizzes.