Service Information

IB students are required to do service hours each year of IB. All service hours must be recorded in ManageBac (

  • In grade 9, MYP students complete at least 35 hours of service from at least 3 different activities.
  • In grade 10, MYP students complete at least 40 hours of service from at least 3 different activities.
  • In grades 11 and 12 (combined), DP students must complete around 150 hours of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS), with a rough balance between the three areas.
  • In grades 11 and 12 (combined), CP students must complete around 100 hours of Service Learning, with at least two of the activities being job shadowing/internship activities that relate to their career field of study.

The following activities CANNOT count for service hours:

  • Religious worship or teaching (including Vacation Bible School)
  • Service for which you are paid
  • Service for which you earn a grade
  • Service for family

Need some help getting started with service? See below for some suggestions:

  • Coaching/volunteering/working concessions for accredited sports or fitness programs and competitions (Examples: East Mecklenburg High School teams, City/town Parks & Recreation programs)
  • Volunteering with health services providers, including hospitals, community clinics, nursing homes, assisted living centers, hospices (Examples: Carolinas Medical Center, Presbyterian Hospital, Hospice Charlotte)
  • Soup kitchens, food banks, food-collection drives
  • Town-sponsored community events (Example: Matthews Alive!)
  • Emergency shelters/women’s shelters (Example: Room at the Inn)
  • Boy Scout or Girl Scout-sponsored service activities
  • Volunteering for community arts groups (Examples: Children’s Theater, CSYO, Union Youth Symphony)
  • Participation in charity fund-raisers (Examples: Miles Against Melanoma, Komen Race for the Cure, March of Dimes WalkAmerica, CropWalk, Relay for Life)
  • Most importantly: find something that is wrong with the world, and fix it! Find someone who needs help, and provide that help!
service information for freshmen.pdf