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Innovation Club

As the famous saying goes "An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it". The innovation is that magic wand that creates an mesmerizing world!!!!. Innovation club is the right platform for all the innovative minds who believe that service and technology go hand in hand.

The main aim is to simulate creativity among students and to build a better society with technology. The uniqueness of our club is that we have a blend of students from all the departments. We organize formal meetings, collect the best of inputs, work on those with full enthusiasm and make sure the expectations are met. Our club ensures that each student who is a part will have the ease to spread their wings and fly high up to reach their potentials. Well, we are ready to assist the innovators and help to unlock the ignited innovative minds to make a real difference.

There are 95 students in this club across all departments. This club is headed by Dr. Sharmila.K.P , Professor ECE department

Student heads are

TAIBA ALI (Electronics and Communication Engg.)

AKSHARA (Information Science Engg.)

ABHINAV PAPARASAR (Information Science Engg.)


The Foreign Languages Club had taken initiative in conducting classes for the languages ~

Japanese during EVEN semester 2021-22

Languages: Japanese F1 level

Trainer: Taiba Ali & Saumya

The Foreign Languages Club had taken initiative in conducting classes for the languages ~

German, French, and Korean during ODD semester 2021-22

German - Afrin Elahi Shaikh 

French - Dhruv Sharma

Korean – Shivashankar Reddy

The Foreign Languages Club had taken initiative in conducting classes for the languages ~

German, French, Japanese and Mandarin during EVEN semester 2020-21

German - Afrin Elahi Shaikh 

French - Dhruv Sharma

                Vaishnavi Alva

                Vaishnavi Patil

Japanese - Taiba Ali


Mandarin - Adruk Janak

village adoption

CMR Institute of Technology adopted Marasandra village as as a part its CSR activities, CMRIT has adopted Marasandra village with the help of village Gram Panchayat. A MoU was also signed between CMRIT and Marasandra, Mandur, Jalahobli, Bengaluru. CMRIT has taken up this initiative to help the village in the area of education, healthcare, agriculture, energy, environment, and others, through various schemes and seminars. CMRIT and Marasandra communities will work together at the grass-root level, enabling them to pursue the common goal for overall development of the village.

A survey was done by the team of student communities and faculty members of CMRIT to explore the village. The team visited 220 houses, which were part of Marsandra village . The village has been facing many problems and lacks basic infrastructure like roads, washroom facilities in the schools, increased pollution in the village, shortage of water, poor drainage system etc.

CMRIT has successfully lent a helping hand to the villagers of Marasandra and concentrating in the following areas

· Assisting in organizing socially benefiting events for the villagers

· To look after the over-all development in improving the cleanliness and hygiene standards in the village as well as provide skills in the improvement of education and technical skills

· Introduction of innovative technological solutions to improve the quality of life, organize health check-ups with the help of medical experts.

Prof. Sharmila (Head, EE&C cell) has headed this initiative along with Student heads; Rtr.Aarathi (Innovation) ,Rtr.Sophia (Rotaract) and Kausheesh(NSS)

CMRIT Students and Faculty of all the departments came together to come up with various innovative technical projects. A total of 9 projects were finally implemented among many proposals.

The Projects are listed below:

1. Solar Tree @ Marsandra

2. FarmerMate App

3. Pedal operated Flour Mill

4. Biogas Plant

5. Rainwater Harvester

6. Mosquito Repeller

7. Drip Irrigation System

8. Marsandra Mobile App (English & Kannada)

9. Anganwadi Management System

These projects were conducted in 3 stages:

· Surveying:

· Deployment

· Feedback Session with the villagers

higher studies

The mission of the Higher Studies Cell is to prepare and give exposure to students for pursuing higher studies abroad and in India. The club aims to give a complete idea about higher education for MTech, MBA and MS aspirants, both in India and overseas. In addition, the club activities are aimed towards providing information on examinations required for several Public Sector Units (PSUs). This provides a well-structured support system for pursuing Higher Education. The prime goal of the club is:

1.To create awareness among the students on higher education in India and abroad.

2. To facilitate the students to prepare and appear for various competitive exams.

3. To provide GATE, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS and foreign language training courses.

4. To provide awareness programs on career opportunities.

We have 28 students in this club across all departments. A variety of sessions were held by this club, ranging from Profile Building to Foreign Languages.. These sessions were aimed towards providing much-needed information about examinations, universities, admission requirements, CV/resume formulation, admission deadlines, etc.

This club is headed by Dr. Sharmila.K.P , Professor , ECE department

Student heads are

Mahima (Abroad) (Electronics & Communication Engg.)

Harshit Prajapati (GATE) (Computer science Engg.)