Discovery Time

Term 1 Week One

This year we are bringing Discovery Time to the Middle Hub on Wednesday afternoons. We had our first Discovery Time this week and had a blast exploring and using our creativity.

Term 1 Week Two

Look at some of the amazing things Room 17 & 16 created this week during Discovery Time!

Amelia and Maia made a T.V out of cardboard and paint. They were being T.V presenters.

Oscar and Charlie made a tank out of cardboard and egg cartons.

Cam and Denver made a football pitch out of cardboard.

Some Room 16 students made a lolly shop out of the massive pieces of cardboard that Alex's parents kindly donated to us.

Term 1 Week Three

This was the first week that the whole syndicate joined in on Discovery Time (which will happen each week from now on). Mr B had the blocks outside where people were building bridges and all kinds of creative things. Rm 15 had a free drawing station, Mrs Mant had lots of people outside on the playground with sheets making huts. In Rm 17 we had a crafts and play dough station. Rm 18 & 19 had a make it station with loads of boxes and cardboard.

Term 1 Week Five

Another exciting week of Discovery! This week we had a whole range of options including origami, blocks, crafts, play dough, and board games just to name a few!