Term Four

This term we have started an Ocean Science topic with Room 16. We talked about what we already knew about the ocean and came up with 3 wonderings. We worked with a buddy to come up with a questions we wanted answered about the ocean and did some research to try and answer our questions. We also did some fun Ocean Science experiments. We looked at how the ocean doesn't freeze and how sharks float.

This was our experiment that explained how the ocean doesn't freeze. We froze these containers of water. One was plain water and the other was a mixture of salt and water.

The results were that the water bowl froze solid and the salt and water mixture didn't fully freeze it was just slushy in some places.

This is because the high concentration of salt in ocean water lowers its freezing point from 32° F (0° C) to 28° F (-2° C). As a result, the temperature must reach a lower point in order to freeze the ocean than to freeze freshwater lakes.

Ocean water has salt dissolved in it. Salt has small particles called ions that surround the water molecules and keep them from sticking together to form ice. Ice will only begin to form when the ocean water gets cold enough.

As sea water gets colder, it gets denser. That means its molecules pack tightly together. Because it's more dense, this salty water begins to sink. That leaves less salty water on the top of the water. And this water begins to freeze. Sea ice has almost no salt in it. In fact, if you melt it, you can drink it!

Term Three Week 8

This week we tried something new! We had CREATIVE HOUR where we had the choice of 3 activities - Maori pattern art, Techie time using the iPads to explore Book Creator and creative/free writing.

Term Three Weeks 6-8

We have started our second Project Based Learning task! This one is about ELECTIONS.

Click on the picture to take to you the Election - PBL site with all the information.

First we have to research to find out what an election, government, MP, and lots of other key words mean. Then we put together some slides of the main political parties in NZ, their logos, leaders and colours.

Here are the tasks:

Here are some examples of the FANTASTIC work we have produced so far for these tasks:

Election PBL - Alex, Fabian, Joseph, Ethan
Election PBL - Malak, Emillie, Faith, Harriet
PBL Election - Lukas, Aiden, Lennon, Elizabeth
PBL Elections - Brooklyn, Ryan,Charlie, Oscar
PBL Elections - Lucy, Eva, Tilly, Charlotte
PBLElection - Archie, Arlo, Amelia, Maia

Here we are working hard on the tasks:

Nick Smith came to speak to us and answer all our burning questions about the election and being an MP.

Look at these AMAZING videos and trailers of the parties and their policies! Room 17/18/19 as a group watched all the parties trailers and from there Mr F, Miss A and Mr Shelley chose the top 6 parties. The top 6 parties then had to present their video again to the class the following day and give a speech about their party and why we should vote fro them. Then as a group we all got 2 votes each to vote between those 6 parties. The top 3 parties will get into the FINAL election with the top 3 parties from Room 14/15/16. Then there will be ONE party elected out of the top 6 from the whole Middle Syndicate to represent our hub as the Middle Syndicate Council to make some positive changes.

The Pizza Party.mp4
Vote ENZ Party.mp4
School Kids Light Party.mp4
The Air Party.mp4
The Hoop Shooters.mp4
popcorn party.mp4
Vote For Us.mp4

Term Three Weeks 2-3

This term we have started our first Project Based Learning task! What an exciting 2 weeks it has been working in our collaborative groups on the task. Check out the task below & some examples of the work we produced.

Term 2 Week 10

This week we redid the collaborative art activity to see if we had improved our collaboration skills. We used the same groups (some changed slightly) and changed the picture. It was very easy to see that a lot of the groups had definitely improved their collaborative skills! We will continue to focus on these skills next term. Here are our before and after pictures...

Term Two Week 8

We are learning how to ACTIVELY COLLABORATE! We had to collaborate in small groups to re-create a picture. We were given 1/4 each of a picture and had to work together to make sure each piece was the same size and that it would fit when we put each of our pieces together. It was tricky but some groups really used their collaboration skills well. We are focusing on collaboration for the rest of the term and will redo this task in the last week to see if our collaboration skills have improved. We also did some collaboration art during Discovery Time this week.

Term Two Week Five

As a part of our Da Vinci topic we were given a challenge:

Leonardo da Vinci spent most of his life travelling throughout Italy and France, painting and inventing. Design a ‘self propelled’ form of transport that allows Da Vinci to travel across the globe (school map), sharing his genius with the rest of the world.

Here are some snaps of us designing, making & testing our self-propelled inventions.


Term Two Week Four

We have been exploring Google MyMaps in our Google Drives this week. We found Nelson, Hampden Street School and our houses. We had a look at other countries around the world. We used Google MyMaps to plot the different places where Da Vinci had been throughout his life.

Term 2 Week Four

This week we have Da Vinci workshops in the afternoon where we are exploring some of the physics Da Vinci used to create some of his inventions.

In Room 17 we looked at forces and how things move. We explored air propulsion by making balloon rockets. We tested our rockets and looked at changes we could make to improve how our rockets travelled (weight, length of string/straws, size of balloon etc).


Term 2 Week One

The first topic we are learning about this term is LEONARDO DA VINCI! To start off this topic we were given just his name and we had to use the chromebooks to research facts to learn who he was, what he was famous for, and what his achievements were. We worked on this in collaborative buddies and took notes, then we got into groups and shared the notes we had collected so we could borrow ideas from other people. We are going to use these notes to create a poster on Leonardo Da Vinci.

Term 1 Week Three

This terms topic is called 'Buzz Off' where we are learning about the Wasp Wipeout and all about NZ native animals & plants and pests. We have been working on a collaborative tasks this week exploring animal habitats and finding out which animals are native and which are pests. Victoria from the Nelson Mail who is a 'Wasp Wipeout' expert came in to talk to the syndicate today and filled us with knowledge about why wasps are major pests in NZ and especially in the Nelson area.

Term 1 Week Four

In our learning buddies we have been collaboratively researching facts about Common & German Wasps. We focused on these questions:

1. What are the wasps doing to the native birds?

2. What are the effects on the environment?

3. What do we need to do or what can we do?

Then we designed a poster to share these facts & inform people of how they can help wipe out wasps.

Term 1 Week Six

As a part of our Buzz Off unit we created posters for Wasp Wipeout that explains why Common & German wasps are a pest & a problem in New Zealand.

We focused on these questions:

  1. What are the wasps doing to the native birds?
  2. What are the effects on the environment?
  3. What do we need to do or what can we do?

Term 1 Week Seven

This is our last week of our Buzz Off topic. Elise brought in a wasp trap from Mitre 10 for us to experiment with.

You need:

  • cat food
  • 1/4 full soda bottle
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar
  • wasp trap (from mitre 10)


1. first we put the sugar in the soda bottle.

2. next we put the cat food in.

3. then we put the trap on the top.

4. then we found a spot for it in the garden.

5. the next day we looked if there was any wasps.

6. there wasn't any so we moved it to another spot. We will check it again tomorrow.

By Bella & Neve

Term 1 Week Eight

Our new topic is 'Quentin Blake'. Most of us had no idea who he was! So we used his name and the chromebooks to find out what we could about him. We learnt he is an author and that he also illustrates children's books. He illustrates for Roald Dahl and David Walliams books.

We are writing our own narrative stories like Quentin Blake and we are also going to illustrate them. Today we looked at examples of how Quentin Blake draws facial features and experimented with them to come up with ideas for us to use to create our own illustrations for the characters in our stories.