Term 4 - Cricket

We got to practice our bowling and batting skills this week!

GO THE MAKOS! - Term 3

Thanks to NBS for giving us a class set of Makos tops!


This term the Middle Syndicate are running Winter Sports on Fridays. We get to try out Hockey, Netball, Miniball, Volleyball, Rippa Rugby, and Football.

FUTSAL - Term 3

This term we are taking part in Futsal sessions with Ben Wright.

Futsal is fun. It's about learning new skills and playing games. I've learned how to scoop up the ball with my foot.

By Fabian

HOCKEY - Term 1

This week we did hockey and we learnt how to hold the stick, dribble the ball and tackle other players. We played rob the nest and some other fun games.

By Maia Howse


This week we were lucky enough to have some of the players from Tasman United come and teach us some football skills. We got to play a game of football with Room 16.

CRICKET - Term 1

This week we were lucky enough to have someone from the Nelson Cricket Club come in and teach us some cricket skills. We learnt how to bowl and bat.