Term 3 Week 10

Week of Inspiration Maths!

This week we did some AWESOME collaborative Math activities. In one activity we had to use consecutive numbers to see how many equations we could make.

Term 3 Week 4

This week we have looked at PROBABILITY! We learned some new probability vocabulary & brainstormed some events that were impossible, unlikely, likely and certain. We used fidget spinners to work out the probability of how often it would land on certain colours and we did a paper, scissors, rock probability task. So much fun!

Term 2 Week 10

This week we did a Maths quiz! We worked in collaborative groups to solve the answers. Some questions were tricky and required us to think outside the box but we had a lot of fun!

Term Two Week 8

This week we learnt a new Maths game! First to 100. We worked in buddies and had to roll the dice and then either add, subtract, or multiply the numbers to move our counters up the board. The first person to 100 was the winner!

Term 2 Week One

This term we are going to be doing a lot of collaborative work with Room 16, yay! This week we are working collaboratively with Room 16 on some Maths tasks. Today we played pepperoni pizza where we had to use multiplication, skip counting, repeated addition or one to one coutning to solve problems. We started to look at a rich task that involves lots of problem solving, thinking & collaborating. We will continue on with this task tomorrow.

Term 1 Week Three

This week for Maths we have been learning about shapes. Today we focused on what 2D & 3D shapes we already knew. We drew them outside in buddies and then we videoed each other describing the different shapes we drew.


Term 1 Week Three

As a part of our shape study we used marshmallows and toothpicks to create some 2D and 3D shapes. We loved it, especially when we got to eat the marshmallows at the end!!! Check out our amazing creations below!

Term 1 Week Six

We started to look at Statistics this week. The first thing we learnt about were tally charts. Today we did a survey of the class to see which eye colour was the most common. We also looked at which favourite colours were the most popular in Room 17.

Term 1 Week Seven

Yesterday we did an insect survey. First we chose 5 insects then we went around the school to look for them. When we found them we wrote them on a tally chart. We came back to class and we did a whole class tally chart to see which insects where the most common at HSS. The most common were ants - we found 250 of them!!!! The least common were crickets we only found 4 of them! It was fun!

By Faith

Term 1 Week Eight

This week in the Middle Syndicate we have started our Number Knowledge Workshops. We got together and decided which workshop looked best for us and our learning. Then we went to the classroom where that workshop was being held. We had an hour of fun & exciting number activities in our workshops. Here is what was happening in the Room 17 workshop - we used newspapers and brochures to find numbers, then we cut out those numbers and put them in order form smallest to largest. We tried to find numbers over 100 & some of us even found numbers over 1000.

Term 1 Week 10

We have focused on times tables/multiplication during Maths over the last couple of weeks. We have learnt some tricks for the easier times tables. Today we looked at how we can show multiplication using arrays.