Research and Citing Sources

MLA 8 Student Guide for Citing Sources

Write It Then Cite It!

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Can’t Find It in the MLA 8 Student Guide? Look It Up!

Use the following websites to cite other types of sources.

Owl Purdue - MLA 8 In-Text Citations and Works Cited Formatting.

EasyBib Citation Generator – Cites sources in MLA 8, APA and Chicago formats. Students should check each citation generated in EasyBib to make sure it complies with teacher and MLA 8 requirements.

Capitalization Tool – Capitalize titles according to MLA, APA, Chicago, and AP formats.

Visit Your Local Libraries And Their Online Resources

Your local library offers many quality resources that can help students find just the right information for that research paper or project. Most require a library card to access their databases and to check out books. Make sure you have the proper identification and documents to get a library card by calling the library or clicking on the links below. This can save you a trip.

Also, many of the metro area libraries will let you use their resources, even if you do not live in their district. Usually, you must bring a photo I.D. and a library card from you home library. Again, make a phone call and verify that your library allows this.

Click A Link Below to Visit Your Local Library's Webpage.

Arapahoe Library District

Aurora Public Libraries

Denver Public Libraries

Douglas County Libraries

Englwood Public Library

Jefferson County Public Libraries

Littleton Library

Google Search Tips

Use Google Search Operators to efficiently find information. Quicker searching means less time writing papers and doing homework.