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How to Use It in the CCA Library

How to Track Student Progress

Accelerated Reader

"To read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.

---Victor Hugo

Accelerated Reader: What it is and how to track students' reading progress, including weblinks.

What is Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader Parent Seminar

Find Accelerated Reader Books Outside of the CCA Library

BookScanner App for iPads and iPhones. Click the Icon above.

The BookScanner App makes it easy to find Accelerated Reader books on Apple iPads and iPhones. Now your trip to the public library for your AR reading materials can be much more efficient.

The app lets you know if a book has an AR quiz. Just scan the ISBN number on the back. You will also get the

    • Reading level (ATOS BL)
    • Number of AR points available for taking a quiz
    • Quiz number

It will also keep a history on each scanned book for easy reference, which you can delete at any time.

Click on the above link to get into the Accelerated Reader Book Finder.

Accelerated Reader Book Finder allows students, parents and teachers to look up books to see if there is an associated Accelerated Reader quiz. Search criteria can include title, author, fiction, nonfiction, interest level, reading range ( ATOS BL), subject, ISBN number and more. It works with any browser.