Reading Fun

* Fall Scholastic Book Fair

* Spring All-School Reading Competition

* 100 Point Club

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."

--- Groucho Marx

2018-2019 Fall Scholastic Book Fair Success

Dear Parents and Families:

Thank you CCA parents, teachers and students for helping to maintain and improve the CCA Library collection through the Scholastic Book Fair. CCA net profits were $6,179. Total gross sales were an amazing $11,450. What is more, 1,376 books were purchased. Your dollars actively provide CCA students with tools for success.

All School Reading Competition

Congratulations! The Foxes won the 2017-2018 reading competition. However, prizes were enjoyed by all along the way. Don't worry Owls, you will have another chance to become the leaders of readers in 2019.

Read Like an Animal.pptx

Accelerated Reader 100 Point Club

Students who meet the following requirements by the end of the year, become members of the 100 Point Club and are awarded a customized medal engraved with their name.

Yearly Point Requirements by Grade

Kindergarten - 45 AR points

First Grade - 65 AR points

Second Grade - 90 AR points

Third through Sixth Grades - 100 AR points

Seventh and Eighth Grades - 125 AR points

Seventh and Eighth Grade students may take AR quizzes to earn points, even though they have no Accelerated Reader requirement.

The points and a cumulative quiz average of 85 percent must be earned by Friday, May 3rd.

Former CCA alumni Emma Hope holds the record, earning a whopping 2,004 points within one year. She was only in the fifth grade and has held the record since 2009. That is a long time! CCA is due for a new record holder.