Library Policies and Class Norms

Library Circulation Policy

Library Circulation Policy:

Class Norms

Student Behavior

The library is a quiet place. Students are expected to maintain an environment conducive to reading, research and learning. Behavior that does not reflect CCA's core-character-traits will result in discipline.

1. Raise your hand to speak.

2. Listen and follow instructions.

3. Be supportive of other students and show respect.

4. Refrain from disruption and keep your hands to yourself.

5. Properly care for the books and return them on time.

6. Actively pursue Accelerated Reader goals.

7. Have fun and enjoy reading.


A warning precedes most discipline. A maximum of three warnings will be issued. Failure to correct behavior may result in a CAP. Please see the Parent/Student Handbook for more information on the CAP system.