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Performance Assessments

Performance Assessments

Performance-based assessments measure subject-matter proficiency and the ability of students to apply the content and skills they have learned. Performance-based assessments may also assess acquisition of the “Five C’s” – critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and citizenship – described in the Board of Education’s Profile of a Virginia Graduate. Performance-based assessments are designed to encourage deeper learning and are an essential component of a balanced testing program.

Virginia Quality Criterion Tool for Performance-Based Assessments

  • Criterion Tool – This document details a set of criteria for the development of performance assessments that measure the application of content knowledge and skills.

Where do I go to get copies of the Performance-Based Assessments?

Click on the page selections located at the top right of the page. Each PBA listed on those pages requires a Culpeper County Public Schools Google credential to access the link. If you are logged into something other than your CCPS Google Account, please change your profile. In addition, the links will force you to create a working copy in your individual Google Drive. This will prevent edits to the original document.

Any questions, please contact your Curriculum Specialist.


Teachers were provided time on planned professional development days to exchange student products and complete a review for reliability. An original document was crafted (see below) to accomplish a “second read” of student performance to determine if the associated rubric graded the product as it was designed. A third read would be used as well to ensure reliability.

CCPS Alternate Assessment Vetting Document