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1:1 Initiative

What is 1:1?

The term 1:1 (one-to-one) is the principle that each student will have an e-learning device specifically for their use. All students within Culpeper County Public Schools will be provided a Dell Chromebook to use at school and home. We have made this selection as our preferred device on the grounds it works well with our division Google Suite. In addition, the division has incorporated these devices throughout to improve student familiarity. It also supports our Google classroom and Gmail initiatives.

acuerdo de dispositivo informático en español

Why is Culpeper County Public Schools pursuing one device for each student?

  • Develops College and Career Readiness as it relates to the Profile of a Graduate

  • Increases student engagement and student achievement by providing individualized options

  • Develops collaboration through the use of the shared Google Suite applications

  • Assists in online learning access, providing more opportunities for course work that may not be currently offered

  • Fits our division goals:

    • #1 - CCPS students will experience academic success through engaging and challenging curriculum and innovative instructional strategies focused on development of content knowledge, communication skills, collaboration skills, career readiness, creative & critical thinking, and local/global citizenship.

    • #4 - CCPS will provide and expand on career and technical education opportunities for students based upon workforce needs.

Division Goal #1:

Providing a personalized approach to student learning

  • Teachers develop new instructional methods within the context of blended learning. Technology can help enhance instructional delivery in ways students find engaging.

  • Assists in providing additional access to resources making it more interesting, diverse, and current.

  • Improves student understanding through images, sound, and text.

  • Provides students access to real-world topics that can be associated with their interests, allowing them ways to experiment and observe phenomenon and to view results in graphic ways that aid in understanding

  • Helps to motivate students while providing a path for acceleration

  • Easily connects students, teachers, and parents to content and resources, improving on the personalized model

  • May expand course offerings, experiences, and learning materials through approved, online sources

  • Provides for learning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Division Goal #2:

Use of technology to become college and career ready

  • Provide students with a realistic view of what the workplace looks like and how technology is infused in daily life

  • Enables the development of skills students will need to survive in a complex, highly technical, knowledge-based economy

  • Digital learning tools such as Chromebooks help students to develop soft skills while learning how to interact, evaluate, share, and protect information

Division Goal #3:

Greater implementation of 21st Century Skills in the classroom

  • Impacts teaching strategies, offering educators new and effective ways to reach different types of learners

  • Allows for student understanding in multiple ways

  • Acts as a tool to encourage the acquisition and refinement of problem-solving skills as they work individually and in teams to find, process, and synthesize information

  • Enhances the learning process through routines, frequent checks on learning, connection to real-world problems, persistent engagement, group activities, and timely feedback

  • Assist in the development of independent/teamwork skills

Questions? Visit the FAQ's page linked on the left sidebar. If additional assistance is necessary, please contact Dr. O'Brien, Director of Instructional Delivery at 540-825-3677 X6145 or email him at