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This course is designed to provide a musical introduction to playing the acoustic guitar. Through in-class instruction, individual practice, and playing assignments, the student will advance in their understanding of music and guitar pedagogy. The daily objective of the course is to foster and promote musical growth through the playing of an instrument by the student. The student will also learn about instrument care and maintenance (i.e. changing strings, guitar upkeep, and proper care of the instrument). With experience, the student will be able to play a variety of chords common to contemporary music, read a “lead sheet” and play single line melodies. The overall objective is to provide the student with the introductory knowledge on the guitar to continue playing after the course has ended.

Important Notice!

Students will need to have a guitar and necessary accessories by August 12th. Parents, If obtaining a guitar will be too much of a financial burden at the current moment please email Mr. Alberti ( with your concerns and we will work on getting a guitar for your child. If I do not hear from you I can not help. Guitars are limited and will come on a first come first serve basis.

Where to obtain

  • Family members
  • Goodwill
  • Amazon (click for link) ($124- guitar, all accessories)
  • Portman's music store (guitar and accessories/ Store may do a payment plan)

Weekly Schedule

August 7-9- Introduction Survey- Policies/ procedures - Basic Music theory - Work on obtaining a guitar August 12-16- bring guitar (8/12)- Fundamental concepts - Finger number/String number/Fret number/Strum/Chords/Posture- Tuning - Basic Set up - Strumming- D Progression- Quiz 1 (Google Classroom)August 19-23- Warm up Sequence - A Progression- Review D progression - G Progression - Quiz 2 (Google Classroom)August 26-30- Warm up Sequence - D/A/G Progression - First Position notes

Google Classroom

We will utilize google classroom weekly throughout the course of the year.

Class Code: kwqr6m9

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