Red Hen Rapid Annotator

Rapid Annotator 2.0 by Vaibhav Gupta

During Google Summer of Code 2018, Vaibhav Gupta created a new and improved version of the Rapid Annotator from scratch. Currently, a test installation can be found here (Beware, everyone has admin rights there). Please report bugs to Peter Uhrig. The source code can be found on Github. Some indications on how to use the system can be found in Vaibhav's GSoC blog.

Instructions on Access and Use

Please choose from the three options below how you would like to add your data to the Rapid Annotator:

  1. Manually Uploading Files, e.g. if you have a set of .mp4 or .jpg files that your would like to upload
  2. Via Spreadsheet, e.g. if there is a set of files to annotate already available on the web and you have a list of URLs
  3. From a CQPweb Concordance, if you would like to import a concordance from CQPweb into the Rapid Annotator

Feature requests

  1. Add support for tagging scheme
  2. Add support for partitioning the data for multiple annotators
  3. If labels are changed when the annotations have started: Display a warning, what this means for the judgements that have already been collected. (Do we actually know this?)
  4. Add support for randomizing the display order
  5. Include videolinks and captions in the results export
  6. Allow for sub-second "Before time" and "After time", e.g. 0.3 seconds before and 0.5 seconds after.
  7. Display number of item and total number, e.g 5/120 so annotators can monitor their own progress.
  8. There is currently no "Undo" functionality for the last element in the set of annotations.
  9. Can the space bar be used to pause the video?
  10. Can we annotate in full-screen mode? At the moment, it switches back to a small video once the key is pressed.
  11. Can we display the video link to Edge directly on the annotation page if people need more context?
  12. Bug: "Submit Later" currently sets the "After Time" to -1, which causes trouble with video and audio.
  13. When starting not logged in at an address such as, the green warning is over the login and sign up buttons, so these are not accessible.
  14. Admins should be able to see and access all experiments.
  15. It would be perfect to have an "export to Rapid Annotator" button in CQPweb. -> Wait for feedback from Andrew Hardie.

Rapid Annotator v1

The Red Hen Rapid Annotator is a web-based application designed for rapid annotation of images and video. In contrast, ELAN is an annotator for detailed and fine-grained tagging.

Contact for queries: Peter Uhrig

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