Carmel High School 

Wellness Center

If you are feeling overwhelmed, need space to unwind or support, we hope you will find something here that can help. 

Welcome to the Carmel High School Wellness Center! 

The Wellness Center is an on-campus resource to assist students with managing socio -emotional challenges that might be impacting learning, social functioning and academic life. We believe each student has the potential to experience emotional wellness and resilience, and sometimes support is needed to promote positive school functioning. 

Our team wants to offer a safe and supportive environment that can help students work through difficult situations, promote personal growth and help them make better choices during their high school experience. 

Wellness Supports and Appointments

CHS staff,  click on the logo above if you want to submit a referral 

May 2024. Mental Health Awareness Month.pdf

April community engagement

Crisis Resources

These and other resources can also be found in the Mental Health, Resources and More section. 

Our Wellness Team:

Stacey Profeta

Wellness Center Coordinator  

Tara Peterson, LMFT

 Lorena Cruz-Rodriguez, LMFT*

*Se habla español 

Welcome new challenges

Embrace different feelings and learn from them

Let others into your life during good times and difficult times

Live in the present mindfully

Never give up on yourself

Extend kindness to others and your community

Suspend self-judgment, practice self-compassion

Seek activities and connections that align with what you care about

The Wellness Center opened its doors at CHS in August 2021 to acknowledge the emotional challenges facing the youth in the community and the impact COVID-19 had on students' mental health. 

We want to recognize the role CUSD leadership, community advocacy and CHS administration have in advancing student socio-emotional wellness and supporting the presence of the Wellness Center on campus.

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