Activities for

School Closure

Carlisle Public School teachers have created the following activities that intended to keep students thinking, engaged, and to keep their curiosity sharp during this extended period of school closure. It is important to know, however, that these activities and plans are not intended to replace the learning that would happen in the classroom under regular circumstances. The goal of these school closure activities is not to replicate a traditional classroom environment. We are experiencing a rapidly evolving event, where new information is constantly outdating what we previously knew. While this level of uncertainty inevitably sparks anxiety for many, Carlisle Public School faculty will do our best to consistently communicate, stay connected, and provide school closure resources.

Please remember that children and families should not be physically gathering during this time. It will completely defeat the point of social distancing if parents allow our middle school students to gather in large social groups. As such, students should not use the Carlisle School Playgrounds, Castle areas, and the Plaza basketball courts located on the school campus.