Husky Home Day Learning

Why Husky Home Day Learning?

Each school year as the winter months settle in, schools do their best to prepare for unexpected school cancellations due to inclement weather. While many students might welcome a day off from school, cancellations pose unexpected interruptions to the teaching and learning process. Cancelled school days are added to the end of the school calendar in June, which is not optimal for timely, focused learning experiences.

These cancellations not only interrupt the learning for students but add days to the end of the school year when learning is not as structured as it is in the middle of the school year.

The Husky Home Day Learning program is designed to provide our students with real-time, authentic learning opportunities to replace canceled school days. Teachers will provide curriculum-based learning that their students can complete in place of a canceled school day. Assignments may be short-term, unit-based or a long-term project equal to multiple days of learning (if necessary).

Although we firmly believe that the highest form of learning takes place in a classroom with our highly qualified teachers, support staff, and specialists, we also acknowledge that days made up at the end of the school calendar are not of the same quality as those that could be offered through the Husky Home Day Learning Program.

*Carlisle Public Schools would like to extend our thanks to the Westford Public Schools and North Middlesex Regional School District who developed their alternative learning plan and allowed us to utilize and adapt some of their documents. In developing their program, they also gathered research/materials from Burlington, Wakefield, Gateway Regional and Ralph C. Maher school districts.