Canton High School

A Message from CHS Administration

Good afternoon Canton High School students and families,

I hope this message finds you staying healthy and strong. While we are all living in a period of deep unrest and uncertainty, I have always been uplifted by our community's concern for others. In this time of challenge, the school’s role of educating, collaborating, and connecting will be essential in helping us through this difficult time. Please know that all of us at Canton High School are embracing this challenge and are ready to help all students.

As Mr. Case’s message states, our shift from school closure to distance learning will start for all students this coming Wednesday, March 25 and will need to continue for an extended period. The goal for distance learning is to maintain a continuum of instruction while supporting as many of the existing systems and processes for staff and students as possible. At Canton High School, we will generally be conducting our learning asynchronously. This means students do not always have to be online at the same time as their classmates or follow their usual schedules. Students and families should be able to access the learning materials anywhere and anytime.

While this shift in our process is one of several “new” realities for students and families, Canton High School is committed to supporting you during this time. As a professional staff we have worked for several years in a “digital environment” and are well equipped to support students’ academic needs. Our “one to one” initiative began years ago, and students have become increasingly comfortable with the use of day-to-day technology. While this process will not be perfect and cannot replace our normal on-site educational experience, it will provide direction, growth, and structure for our students. Please know that this process will evolve as we continue to refine and reflect.

Teacher Expectations

Teachers will post instructional lessons and assignments online. This will primarily be through their existing Google Classrooms, or other previously established online communication platforms. All teachers will post information for the day including learning materials and assessments by 9 a.m. Additionally, teachers may host virtual classes to provide instruction and feedback. They will also check-in frequently through a variety of digital means such as email, video conferencing, and the use of various online tools. More specific information will be available soon on our Canton Public Schools Distance Learning site.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to play an active role. Each day they should log into their emails and Google accounts to access information from teachers. They will continue to be held accountable for their active participation in their learning. They will receive feedback from teachers and should be asking questions and maintaining an academic presence throughout this time. A structured environment at home will help students to be successful. They should charge all devices, have a clean and open workspace, and be prepared to engage in their education every day. We appreciate your partnership in this endeavor and look forward to the day when we can come back together as a whole school.

In closing, this is the first of many communications that will be sent from teachers, counselors, case managers, support staff, and administration. We believe that our students are ready and capable of transitioning to our online learning platform, and we’re excited to jump back into our passion for teaching and learning. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We truly miss our students and we’re here to support both you and your children as best we can for as long as we need to.

A Message from CHS School Counseling

The School Counseling Team is here for you! We are your partners as we learn to connect with you remotely. Your first step is to ALWAYS CHECK YOUR EMAIL. During this period, we will:

  • Support students by maintaining contact through email, doing our best to provide answers to questions within 24 hours.

  • Provide opportunities to meet online through Google Hangouts

  • Continue to post high school planning and other curriculum activities via email, Google Hangouts, and Google Classroom

  • Work with our administration on your schedules for next year

  • Support students with 504/Individual Education Plans as needed

  • Serve as an active and available link between you, your teachers, and your parents

Counselors will be available between the hours of 9 and 3 each day, Monday-Friday. In case of emergency, please dial 211 for mental health services or 911 for all other emergencies.

As always, we will maintain the confidentiality of student data and information shared by conducting virtual meetings in private settings in our homes.

Please be on the lookout for a series of emails with grade-level specifics in the coming days, as well as the launch of Wellness Wednesday emails, where we hope to share weekly news, tips, suggestions, and general support with a dash of fun.

We're all in this together!

Mrs. Schwager

Mr. Furey

Mrs. Theodoratos

Important Educational Resources from CHS Learning Commons, Including a Message from Mrs. Mattioli, Literacy Innovation Specialist

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CHS Distance Learning Expectations

Teacher Access: Teachers will be available to students electronically between 9:00am-3:00pm. This does not mean that the teacher is online continuously. However, email and other means of electronic communication with students and parents should be checked regularly during those times. Some teachers may elect to “meet with their classes” during their regularly scheduled class times, or arrange other times they will be available. Information from those teachers will be made directly to their students.

Daily Lessons: Teachers will electronically send out their lessons and assignment information by 9:00 am each week day. These assignments may be specific to a given topic each day, or they may be pieces of larger, ongoing assessments/projects that are broken down. Google Classroom serves as the primary method for instructional communication, although other methods may be made available on a case by case basis.

Meaningful Work: The lessons/activities are meaningful and designed to emulate instruction and learning activities that would typically take place in class, to the extent possible. The expected time can be estimated at approximately 25 minutes per subject/class for the “in-class” portion of the distance learning day with the understanding that extensions may follow.

Teacher Feedback: Teachers will provide regular feedback to students regarding their work. Feedback may include grades, comments on work, emails, video chats, or other methods.

Student Expectations: Students are expected to log in on school days to learn about their assignments. This is an opportunity for students to practice online etiquette and carry out their work with honesty, integrity, responsibility, and positive, respectful language. We encourage students to set daily e-learning routines. Identifying a dedicated space (kitchen table, desk, etc.) for Distance Learning can help establish routine. Reasonable expectations will be that students participate daily in the activities and lessons assigned by his/her teacher(s).

Distance Learning Suggestions

Before Beginning Your Distance Learning School Day:

  • Have a healthy breakfast

  • Find a clean, open space where you can work with limited distractions

  • Charge your computer, phone, and any other devices you might need

  • Check your Canton school email - this MUST become a part of your daily routine as this will the school's primary means of communicating with you

  • Wash your hands

During Your Virtual Day:

  • Check the lessons and assignments that are posted by your teachers. Look for communication from each of them about what you should be working on and when they're available for extra help

  • Attend any Virtual Classes that might be held if you're able to do so. These are the times when you'll be able to interact face-to-face with your teachers and peers

  • Think about your pace for the day and try to maintain a schedule for yourself

  • Take a break to eat lunch and wash your hands

  • Make sure you've submitted any work that needs to be done and contacted any teachers you had to ask questions

After Your Virtual Day:

  • Clear away materials

  • Make a plan for tomorrow's schedule

  • Get some exercise and some fresh air

  • Have a nice dinner with your family

  • Wash your hands

Communication through the next few weeks:

We understand how difficult some of this may be, and we want to assure you that despite not being here in the physical building all together, we are very much still here for you! The superintendent, school administrators, school counselors, teachers, and staff will be sending out regular communications to students and families. You may have lots of questions in the meantime, so here's a guideline of who and how you can contact.

Questions about: An individual assignment/lesson, work completion, student progress - ask your child's teacher

Questions about: Special education plans and accommodations - ask either your child's case manager, Special Education Department Chair Victoria Rich, or district PPS Director Dr. Perri Murdica

Questions about: Credits, graduation requirements, college admissions processes, general health and well-being, other related services - ask your student's school counselor or School Counseling Director, Deb Schwager

Questions about: How to access the technology you or your child is being asked to use, online learning expectations for teachers and students, status of state testing, scheduling questions, general guidelines concerning distance learning, or any other general concerns you may have - ask Principal Drew DiPippo Assistant Principal Ruth Kidwell.