Family Tech Support

If your child's Chromebook is acting up (missing cursor or volume not working, for example), the solution can often be to turn it off and then turning it back on again after 30 seconds. If that does not fix the problem, please fill out a Tech Support Ticket by clicking above. 


My name is Cecile Retrosi and I am the Canastota CSD Instuctional Technology Coach for the teachers and students in grades K-12. Prior to this role, I was an elementary school teacher here in Canastota for 22 years. Two of my children have graduated from CHS and my youngest is a senior this year. 

What is my child's log in information? 

Your child's first name INITIAL followed by the entire LAST NAME with

Example: Full name is John Testimony


-What is my child's password? 

If your child is in need of their password, Please reach out to our Technology Department for Info. Phone: 315-697-6310 or email