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Bozeman Parent University (BPU) is a public knowledge sharing community developed to support parents and caregivers throughout Bozeman and surrounding communities.

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A digital citizen is a person who has the knowledge and skills to effectively use digital technologies to communicate with others, participate in society, and create and consume digital content. Click here to learn more about digital citizenship and BSD7's approach to teaching students these valuable skills.

Click here to learn more about safety issues young people may face when they're online and what parents can do to help.

The Full Picture

The Full Picture is a short film from WebWise exploring how young people use social media to connect and share. The film highlights the influences and pressures young people face online and encourages them to see the full picture. Social media helps us share our lives but it does not tell the whole story. The campaign encourages young people to be mindful of what influences them and how they respond to pressures online.

The Full Picture is supported by information and advice on a dedicated campaign page available here.

Check out Common Sense Media to get age-based movie, TV, book, apps, and game recommendations for your family or to access their Ultimate Guide to Parental Controls.

Book Recommendation

Just as sturdy scaffolding is necessary when erecting a building but will come down as the structure grows stable, good parenting provides children with steady, warm, emotional nourishment on the path toward independence. Never-ending parental problem-solving and involvement can have the opposite effect, enabling fragility and anxiety over time.

In The Scaffold Effect, world-renowned child psychiatrist Harold Koplewicz introduces the powerful new and clinically tested idea that this deliberate build-up and then gradual loosening of parental support is the single most effective way to encourage kids to climb higher, try new things and grow from mistakes, and to develop character and strength. Offering the ten building blocks or “planks” of an effective scaffold—from laying a solid foundation to setting limits and minimizing cracks—he expertly guides parents through the strategies they need to raise empowered, capable kids while building parent-child bonds that will survive adolescence and grow stronger into adulthood.

Big Topics for The 2021-2022 School Year

What is "school climate"? How do I know if my child's school has a positive school climate?

Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

Click above to learn more about what it is and more about BSD7's approach.

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