Brian Connelly

Piketown Enterprises Inc.    , WorkGroup Associates Inc.   , Branchville Enterprises Inc. 

While I worked under several corporate identities, I am behind the work, with over 20 years of experience in messaging, workflow, systems integration, and support services. 

AKA Brian Connelly

Below are some "Consulting Engagements." The problems were minimally identified, and solutions were worked out in a discovery workshop-like setting.  

I met some wonderful people along the way and had bunches of fun.  As a small business owner, I attribute much of my success to a supportive wife and four wonderful children. 

I have several articles about a revolution called Bitcoin that can be seen on Medium. Click on the photo.  If  you are interested in learning more, click here

IBM parts Distribution

IBM Parts Distribution

AT&T Workflow

SEC Mandate 

Migrate or Pay

Urgent Application Migration 

Asset Re-Deployment

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