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Here is a great playlist of the tunes we learn and use in class!

Use this as a great practice tool!!

The 6th Grade Beginning Band performs twice a year, at the Christmas Concert in December, and at the Spring Concert in April. Scroll down for our class syllabus. Instruments learned in BMS band are: Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, and Percussion (snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, and bells/xylophone). We will start Alto Saxophone, Horn, and Tuba in the 7th grade and choose from our top players for those advanced instruments.

Don't purchase an instrument without consulting Directors!

It is required that all students own their own instrument, however check with the instructors about a school supplied instrument for special financial situations. Availability is extremely limited, the Directors choose what the student will get to play, and a maintenance fee is required. Email Director for details. Larger instruments like Tubas, Baritones, and Xylophones are school owned and purchasing a personal one is not necessary, however, the yearly maintenance fee will apply. Percussionists are determined by the Directors through testing and will still need to rent/purchase a practice pad/bell kit. We do not have school owned percussion kits.

As a new band family or a returning band family to our program, it is important to know some details about the 6th grade beginning band class. First, don't buy or rent an instrument until Directors have a chance to test students. We will be trying out instruments in class for about a week. If you already own an instrument, let the band directors know and plan on using that instrument unless the student can not make a beginner sound on it. Please have a music store check that it is good playing condition.

Please be cautious about purchasing instruments from non-music stores and venues.

When it comes to instruments there is one question I always ask, can it be worked on? All instruments will have to be serviced eventually, woodwind keys can get knocked out of alignment and screws need adjusting. If you are buying online I would ask the customer service department how they will service the instrument. If they tell you that you have to find a shop to service it, I would call the local music stores in Springfield and ask if they can service that brand. I have seen instruments that the store could fix, and some that they could not even get parts for. We and many area schools partner with music stores because they sell brands that have been trusted for decades and that can be serviced.

It's not a matter of if, but when. It will need to be serviced.

Ernie Williamson Music, based in Springfield Mo, is our main source for instrument rentals (formerly known as Springfield Music Store). They will be at the Middle School in the fall just after school starts. We will have an evening meeting with them and you can rent/purchase from them if you wish. I recommend renting from them or a qualified music store because these stores will provide a quality instrument and be able to service the instrument when needed. If you have to cancel during the first year, they take the instrument back with no strings attached; you simply return it to the store and cease payments. See our BMS Calendar for the rental night. Springfield Music offers a "maintenance plan" that covers most repairs and even full replacement due to fire or theft. Please direct all questions concerning Springfield Music rentals and the maintenance plan details to the store.

The 7th Grade Concert Band is our second year ensemble and performs four times a year. The Christmas Concert in December, Junior High Band Contest in March, the Spring Concert in April, and they perform for the 8th grade promotion ceremony on the last day of school. Scroll down for our class syllabus.

Students will be asked to participate in annual fundraisers to aid in program funding. Owning an instrument is required, but school instruments are available, with a paid yearly maintenance fee, for special circumstances.

The 8th Grade Concert Band performs four times a year. The Veterans Day Assembly, the Christmas Concert in December, Junior High Band Contest in March, and the Spring Concert in April. Scroll down for our class syllabus.

Students will be asked to participate in annual fundraisers to aid in program funding. Owning an instrument is required, but school instruments are available, with a paid yearly maintenance fee, for special circumstances. Students grades 8-12 will go on a trip to Disney World in June of 2021.

BMS Band Syllabus

Band Communication: We know that communication is essential for teachers, students, and parents to work together.

Our full Band Handbook is on the website. Please visit the website, read the handbook, and explore the site for important dates and information. Most of your questions can be answered here throughout the year as it is updated regularly for your convenience.


Facebook and Twitter: @BolivarBands

Remind Messaging: Text @bolbandsms to 81010

Parents please follow our Remind messaging system, our main communication tool.

Director Contact Information: Please add our emails to your email contact list so we don’t end up in the spam folder when we send a mass email to the entire class.

John Trew, Director of Bands -

Cody Young, Assistant Director of Bands -

HS: 326-5228 / MS: 326-3811

Classroom expectations:

Safety First - Our first priority is a safe classroom, any behavior that jeopardizes safety will be immediately addressed, and if needed, consequences given.

Total Respect - Band students respect themselves, fellow members, instructors, and equipment.

Be Ready to Play - Band students will maintain focus at all times and are ready to perform on instruments by having their instrument, book and pencil.

Play It Right or Not At All - Band students are to use and perform with their instruments correctly and do not waste time.

100% Effort, 100% of the Time - Band students give their best, everyday.

Don’t Distract - Band students do not distract. Anyone. We stay focused on the task.

Put It All Away, The Right Way - When we are finished with tasks, everything has a place, and everything is put away correctly.

Grading System & End Of Course Expectations:

Grades are calculated using (but not limited to) rehearsals, playing quizzes, performances, and participation. Excessive disruptive classroom behavior will result in a lowered rehearsal grade and possible dismissal from future participation. BMS grading scale will be followed. Any student with a C- or lower at the end of each semester will not be allowed to continue participating in band class. Private lessons should be utilized to bring the student's skills to the appropriate level before the student will be re-enrolled.

All first year band members entering second year band should be able to play select lines from our beginning band book. This will determine eligibility to advance to 7th grade band. All second year band members entering third year band should be able to play select line from our band books and/or Chromatic Challenge for Beginners, Golden Scales lines 2-4, Overtone Warm Up, and JH Band Warm Up with minimal errors. All third year band members entering High School should able to play all of the Overtone Warm Up, Chromatic Madness, Golden Scales, Essential Rhythms, and Key Signature Warm Up with minimal errors. All of these exercises are valid for assessment and will result in success at the next level of band performance.

Performance Dates: Please make sure your student is at the two required evening concerts, one per semester. These concerts are in the Auditorium at the High School.

  • Winter Band Concert December TBA

  • Spring Band Concert April TBA

  • 8th Grade Band Large Ensemble Contest (Spring TBA)